How could he be so Heartless?

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Nov 3, 2006
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Okanagan, British Columbia
Sorry if the grammer isn't correct, writing this through tears.

With moms bad back, we decided to build a rasied platform for them to stand on while they get clipped. It was all good, till today. Brent got me to try and get Rhino up onto it, with no sides. I did, I felt in my gut half way up the ramp it was wrong (stupid me) but kept going.

Rhino was good, now I either back him up or turn him around. Decided to turn around, me picking up his feet. Got his front ones to where I wanted them, I told my brother brent to hold Rhinos head. I went to get the back ones, Brent spun rhino, and he slipped. He was dangling with his front feet half on the platform and his backs almost on the ground. I got him off and started crying. I was yelling to Brent, how could you, I told you not to, etc. He walked away, saying its just a horse, it dosn't matter if he break a leg. He even had the nerve to ask me to try my other boy on the platform.

I feel so bad, if only I had trusted my gut, I held rhinos head for half an hour after, he stood there (he was hugging me too, he was as quiet as can be) Hes my baby, if something happened to him... because of what I had done, I could never forgive myself. We have a connection, he was telling me he didn't want to, it was wrong. I told him to trust me, he did, and I hurt him

Forgive me Rhino, I was stupid, it won't happened again. I'll fix this, it will be safe next time.

Sorry, just had to write this all down, it's making me feel sick inside. Im going to pay to make the ramp wider so they can turn around without falling off. Even though I have other stuff I need, I won't use the platform till its bigger, or not at all if it cannot become wider. Also going to add something at the bottom. I was stupid, I didn't think of my horse, and could have hurt him so badly.
Dont be so hard on yourself. You are a great horse mom
I really feel for you, Paige. Try to forgive yourself--I know it's hard--but you're only human. Thank God Rhino is okay; we know it could have had a different outcome.

As for your comment.
Maybe you don't need his "help" next time.
Im weird, and like to wrtie songs and poems, so wrote one about this. The end of its "I love you brother, and may trust you again. But never touch my horse."

I know its human, I just feel bad because I think he was trying to tell me no, but I didn't listen to him. Hes so good, he kept going, he tried. I just went out and saw him again, he gave me another hug
Always listen to your "gut"....... It tells you the truth.

As for your brother........ No comment. Tell him that God only sees him as another soul.....he's not any better than another either. If his leg ever got broken he'd feel it too.
I've learned over the years to always trust your gut!! Our GOD given instinct!

Glad Rhino is ok! I'm sure he has forgiven you!

Forgive yourself, now.

Live and learn!
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Hey there, sorry to hear that! But I'm sure Rhino knows it wasn't your fault, and he could feel you trying to help him when he was falling.

As for your brother
. But brothers do say stupid things sometimes. Your brother prob got a heck of a fright when it happened and was just trying to cover up doing something so stupid with a even stupider comment. Let him calm down and have a talk to him and explain him how much it frightened you and and could of hurt Rhino, he might not have understood just how dangerous that situation was
No, he hasn't hurt himself. I've been out checking him, hes not limping, and isn't swelling or anything. Just think he was startled when he fell. I went and brought him to it, and he sniffed it, so think there may still be hope!

We have got a course of action. We are going to add a 2x6 at the bottom, so their feet don't slip out. Add another 2x4 around the middle of their belly (nothing was up when he was on there, another stupid move of mine :DOH! ) Along the ramp, we are going to add sides, so they don't jump, or slide, off. I am going to start feeding rhino off it, so he has to go up to get his grain. Once he can get up and down by himself(with supervision), I will start MacDuff.

Also, we are going to take the ramp off and put it on a hill, and practice back them off it, with no fear of them falling off. If that dosn't work, we will have to make it wider.

I'm feeling better now, I like having plans!

Thank you all for the support, Its so great to know I can come here!
Hey there, easy now, it's okay! Deep breath. You've learned an important lesson about trusting your gut and with luckily no harm done your horse will quickly regain his confidence in you. Be worthy of him though and LISTEN to your intuition the next time. This experience loses its value if you don't take the lesson to heart and change how you approach things.

Remember, when it comes to horses YOU'RE the expert, not your brother. Don't let him talk you into doing stupid stuff with them. I do agree with AceyHorse though, it sounds like what happened scared him too and he's trying to pretend it didn't by being flippant. Forgive him, but don't let him handle the horse until he learns better!


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