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Jul 14, 2004
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Hi Guys,

OK, when I go to open a topic in the past all the threads have been shown on the page and you can just jump to the end to add a message -- but now all I get is the original post and down at the bottom is a list of all the posts on that topic

How do you change it back! This was is really hard to follow. Because you have to open each poster to find out what they said

In the upper right hand corner of your post you will see and OPTIONS box. It will change the way you "see" the Forum. I think you should be on Standard.....but what the heck do I know. I am not even sure we are talking about the same thing but just trying to give you a response that might help.
My Forum setup does that every now and then... I get frustrated and go to the other computer in my house to see the forum. It never occurs to me to change it back in the Options....

I wonder why it does that?


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