How close is our mare now??

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Jan 1, 2003
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Larimore, ND
We got this mare the middle of May and have been waiting ever since for our baby to make its debut. She was pasture bred and the best guess on her was early to mid-July. Well, that must've been wrong because we still have no baby. Anyway, yesterday she all of a sudden was much redder behind and loose and flabby-like (she is 13 and has had many foals). Her teats are full but no dripping milk and not much stickiness as of last night. I haven't checked her milk yet tonight because I just got home from work. What do you guys think? Please tell me we are getting close. This will be our first baby EVER and we've had horses for nearly 20 years! I can't wait for my turn to make a baby announcement!!!
I cant wait to see your new little one
we had our first 2 this year, very exciting!

On my web page there is a link to "Lizzys foaling signs page" that may help you.

Im no expert since we have only had a couple foals but Id say you'll be getting one with in a week if she is getting redder, squishy rear, and full bag.

Do you have pictures? That will get you more opinions, hard to say by words.
It really depends on your mare. Mine did all that and still we waited another 6 weeks. However, I think she was just being studdorn. The other mares that gave birth sound like your mare and they gave birth soon after that so good luck.
I wish I did but I don't have a way to post pics from home. She is such a pretty mare I'd like to be able to share her with everyone. With all the Boone's Little Andy blood going into this baby, it (hopefully she) should have a great head. I am hoping anyway....
When you say her teats are full, do you mean her bag or the actual nipples. I would say if you mean the actual nipples are full than I would say yes you are close.

Also do you mean she is very red inside her vulva?

Both of these things are good signs so I would definitely watch her close.

How exciting for you!
Yes, her actual nipples are full and she is red inside her vulva. She has been restless. Her stall was a mess this morning and normally she is all neat and tidy. My Mom's birthday is Friday so maybe she is waiting for that LOL We will wait and see.
Congratulations, you're going to have a foal, real soon. Good Luck.

Ginny StP
Sounds like you have some sleepless nights ahead. From what you describe it could be anytime from tonight to as long as 2 weeks from now. These little mares can hold a full bag and full nipples -- even drip milk -- for that long!

Good luck and keep us posted.


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