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Jun 3, 2004
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Brandon Manitoba
What a wasted day. It's a bad day to start with....last evening I realized that one of my favorite cats was missing--she'd been here yesterday morning, but she didn't come in last night & she was nowhere around. She ALWAYS comes when I call, but not last night. She always comes in & sleeps with me, but not last night...I couldn't sleep, was out hollering for her every hour. This morning, no cat. My neighbor across the road said she saw this cat last night at dusk, seemed quite definite about it, but when I was there I saw no sign of Sparkie. So, I have no idea if the neighbor did really see her last night, or if something got the kitty in the I'm tired, & worried, & cranky...

A fellow had called yesterday to say he'd come today for some manure for his garden--he was bringing a small dump truck & a bobcat. Since it's awkward getting through our yard to the back pasture where the old manure pile is, he said he could build an approach from the road to our side pasture--neighbor across the road has a huge lot of sand piled in his back lot. So today I check & sure enough, we're welcome to the sand, free, just wants a load of manure. Nice. Called the manure guy, but no, his dump truck is small, and the skidsteer he's using isn't a good one, doesn't want to move sand.

So, he gets here to haul manure, with a not-so-small dump truck. To get to the back he has to move 1 pile of rotten hay (there are two piles--last delivery of hay did not keep as it was baled tough, so there's another aggravation; hay is too blasted damp to even burn, so I had to pile it up until I can get it hauled to the dump--but only one of those piles was actually in the way.) I thought he meant to just push it aside, closer to the fence, to make room to get the truck through.

In our front corral I have a new manure pile; as I clean the sheds I put it there, then whenever the wind is right I burn it...there are horses in that corral. I had moved horses & opened gates before he arrived; He goes to move the hay aside, & what does he do but take a run through into the corral, pushing a wad of hay into the manure pile, then covering it up with the wet dirt that he scraped up with it. Wasn't much hay, so I didn't say anything--a few forkfuls & I'd have it back out of there. So, he comes back, pushes the pile this way, shoves it over that way, whips the skid steer around & makes ruts & dirt piles as he turns (we had rain yesterday morning, so ground is wet yet), then scoops up a big pile of hay & heads for the corral. No No NOOOOO. I jump up and down & shriek NO. I said any hay that goes in there will have to come back out. Why? Because it's spoiled hay, but the horses will eat it & get sick. so, he wants to know where can he put it then?
Did I have just the place to suggest to him!!
But, I was nice & didn't actually say it...after all, this is the same guy that does my truck repairs for a very low labor cost, I don't want to offend him. sigh. I just pointed to a spot where he could pile it. It's a mess, but that's okay, I'll be making a few trips to the dump with it & then it will be gone.

He ran over/churned up some of our good hay which was on the other side of the lane--we're feeding from round bales at the moment, so had the last part of two bales sitting there, well out of the way. He backed the dump truck into the round bale of alfalfa that was even more out of the way, & rolled it right into the fillies' fence. He had to pull one gate post to get the truck through--that's okay, we've done it before--then churned up Timie's corral turning the skidsteer around sharply...not sure why it was necessary to turn that sharp or that fast....had a heck of a time maneuvering his truck through the widened gate, across the corral & over a bit to get out the far gate. He put two scoops on the truck, then dumped it off & headed back out the gate. I said manure not good enough??? But the skidsteer blew a manure hauling today. He couldn't even raise the bucket to push the gate post back into the ground, I had to dig it in. All that effort & mess for nothing--now we'll have to do it again another day when he gets that hose fixed & gets back over here. It's not hard to move horses around so we can leave gates open, but it's still extra work.

I was going to have this fellow clean one of the big horse sheds while he was here--we have two that we haven't been cleaning out daily & I thought it would be easier to have it done with the loader. However, after seeing how he maneuvers that loader & the truck, no thank you, he'd probably take out one shed wall . I'll just do it by hand. But not today. I'm now tired, worried (still no Sparkie), cranky & totally PO'd!

There, end of vent.
Sorry about your frustrations, I can see where you are coming from

I hope your cat comes back! Hopeing for the best

, I'm sorry I know I shouldn't laugh, but dang I know how you feel. First off I'm so sorry about your cat and I hope she comes back safe and sound. Second, my dad owns a construction company so he uses equipment for everything around our place. Very nice most of the times, but there are days when I'm just going DAD what ARE you doing???
And the thing is he's handy with equipment so anyone who is not quite so handy, well,
look out!!!! I've ran alot of our equipment too though and will agree it is easier than moving all that manure by hand. Another rain and all those little hooves running around will make all the tracks and ruts left by the spinning skidsteer go away. Go get a good nights rest and hopefully everything will look better in the morning
Absolutely unbelievable ...
You absolutely deserve a "Calgon Take Me Away" evening!!!

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