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Jul 11, 2005
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Green Springs Ohio
Okay im not sure if anyone everyone here has seen the pics i have posted of coco (there on page 3 or 4 currently ...
). But he is about 75%white ....all his legs are white from the hips down. His hooves are tan but have some black spots on them (i know that they are there ..i scrubbed them for hours thinking it was just stained but i guess its just the hoof).

So should i use HoofBlack on his hooves or would that be foolish. J/w bc i've had some a couple weeks now that i got for the fair but i dont know if it would look right.

Pic of Coco for those who have not yet seen.



Thank you ...14 more days and its now official that i will have my first show August 26th in Hatler class! But im not sure if the hoof's should go natural w/ some regular gloss or go black.
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I would use the shiney clear if the hooves are mostly white. I'm not sure what other's think on the subject...The think with black is, though it would work sharp, I would be afraid of having the legs get some on and then it would look tacky. JMHO
lf he was mine l would sand them real good and go with a gloss clear.
I think it depends on his hoofs which I can't see very good with these pictures. If they are white and flawless, no stripes or anything I would also go with the clear. It really makes their legs look so much longer. BUT if there are stripes (which can deceive the eye and make the hoofs sometimes look toed in or out) or bruising, or any definate rings I would black.

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