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Dec 21, 2002
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Hi, I'm just curious if anyone here has heard of the late Paul Pritchard from Mason City, IA? He used to raise/breed/show Shetland ponies in late 1950s / 1960s in north IA but as I understand his hired hands took care of the farm as he ran a car dealership and ran business investments. He would vacation summers at the farm and go weekends to see his ponies.

I'm curious because I live on a farm that he onced owned and knew he raised them.....I find pony shoes out in the fields every year(feels like a history story just waiting to be told). Anyways, he passed quite awhile ago in the 80s but just wondered if anyone has heard of him or his pony lines in the Shetland world. Wish I knew his farm name.....but I was told he sold quite a few shetlands and also showed them. He also raised purebred Herford cattle during the same time.

Did the registry keep records back then on Shetlands?
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I can't find my copy of "Our Shetland Heritage" at the moment, but if your car dealer guy was a mover and a shaker in the early days, he'd probably be mentioned in it.

MA, yes....he was quite the mover and shaker of his time. He seemed to be successful in everything he touched and had extreme vision for the future. He was so ahead of his time, which was a plus on his farms/business ventures.

My mom said she can remember visiting him.....you were greeted by the housekeeper and the house was huge and just beautiful. The housekeeper would seat you and announce your arrival in the formal living room.

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