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Sep 4, 2003
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Muncie, Indiana
Our little colt born on Sunday sleeps like a ROCK! He has scared the bajeebers out of me more than once! When he is asleep, HE IS ASLEEP!

I go in to check on him, he'll be sleeping and he does not want to wake up. You can pick him up and he is like a rag doll. The first time this happened my heart was in my throat.

Now, if he is ready to wake up, he'll pop right up and visit, he loves people. Right now he is out there climbing on mom, had him checked after birth and all is fine.

Could it be heat or is it just the way he happens to sleep?

I sure wish he'd stop it because it makes me nervous, but the third time he did it, I just waited for him to be ready to get up, and he did.

Any ideas?
[SIZE=14pt]Carolyn I have had many babies over the years sleep like they were dead. Scared me several times too. One of them as an adult horse can sleep so soundly you can walk right up on her and call her name before she wakes up. Young babies especially if their nerveous systems arent quite done sleep very deeply. He is probably fine.Dont worry.[/SIZE]

Just yesterday, I came to the conclusion that whatever causes a fainting foal, there are different degrees of it. I have a 6 day old filly here, I've played with her about 5 or 6 times and found nothing wrong. Yesterday I put a halter on her to try to get pictures and she kept leaning into Nate, who was squatting down, holding the lead. And I mean really leaning right into him, he didn't know what she was doing and kept trying to back up. I've never seen this before. I went and took ahold of her to lift her up and stand her back, and she fainted. She'd never fainted before. I just took the halter off and left her for a couple minutes and she got up and trotted off with the dam. Maybe this is something that might make them sleep deeply too, whatever is going on with them, it may cause these different little oddities? Is it the nervous system not fully developed yet? Would you think this may be possible? And they usually outgrow this whatever it is?
[SIZE=14pt]Yes MArnie it is an underdeveloped nerveous system . Thats what I was also trying to say about the sleeping like the dead. Too early and no coffee yet....[/SIZE]

my fainting foal this year was Lucky and he has completely grown out of it.

Casey did this. Scared me alot! But he got over it about a week later.
I have never, thank goodness, had a fainting foal, and i sincerely hope I never get one. I have had foals and mares that sleep like the dead, though, and never grow out of it. I had a Shetland mare for whom, in my head, I had called the knacker on more than one occasion. Actually got right up to her and prodded her before even opened her eyes!! I forgot to tell the person I gave her to. She nearly ended up in Hospital with heart attack because of that mare!!

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