Has anyone had this happen?

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Dec 17, 2002
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One of our show horses is eating her poop!! She's fed plenty and I asked the vet if she might be needing a mineral or something. He asked how much we were feeding and said it's sounds like boredom. She has a ball. Now she has a plastic milk jug and another with little rocks in it for fun noise to drive the other crazy. The "toys" are in different places when we go into the barn but she's still at it! We've resorted to the dreaded "Mask".

She gets out every day for excersize. She's just started this in the last couple of months.

Out of five year of showing, I've never had this happen.

Any suggestions?


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Yep, I've had an occasional one do that. Even with feed and toys, it usually takes a muzzle to get them to stop.
Thanks for the reply Becky. I think we'll put her out after Nationals, then next year when we start getting into show shape, we'll put her in a little run outside with shelter and see if we can keep her from doing that.

When she first started doing it, I thought she was impacted!! LOL
. When checked, she wasn't. Maybe she thinks it's chocolate mint


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