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Sep 10, 2003
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Now in Virginia
Am on Happ's mailing list so thought to pass this along!!

OK guys--all the stuff, including the entry form, is on our website and ready to go. If you have people who want to volunteer, please give me their name and email and/or phone number on your form where I will see it so I can schedule them to help.

I have gotten several inquiries about the event, so hope we have a really good turnout and can gather some very valid statistics to present to "the powers that be". I have gotten emails from as far as the east coast saying "I wish I could be there". Lots of people are watching us to see how it goes. Let's show them what minis can do!

If you want to stay and school on Sunday (or come in early to school on Friday)--that is fine--place for it on the entry form.

If you participate on Aug 27, you are still eligible for the Sept VSE event......the cut-off date for schooling is something we impose, and since everyone has the chance to be here Aug 27, and we want as many here Aug 27 as possible so we get good statistics, we are allowing people to drive that weekend and still compete in Sept.


I think it is going to be a fun day--See you soon--

Maureen Harkcom

Happ's, Inc.

[email protected]

Just to clarify- that is NOT a schooling show in any way as I understand it. The event Maureen Harkcom is referring to is the Mini Macro Marathon, an information-gathering "test" of the miniatures' ability to do a full-length big horse marathon distance.

The VSE event in fall, the driving trials, is a non ADS schooling event because Maureen felt that her VSE competitors needed a chance to practice a higher level and see what CDE's are about without being penalized. Next year she plans to get it ADS sanctioned and add it to the official event roster. Woohoo!

Thanks for letting people know these events are going on, Shari. I know Maureen wants as many folks to come to that marathon as she can get.
And you CAN school on the Happ's grounds before and after the marathon!

Darn, all the events this year seemed to happen on the same weekends as regular shows, so I missed 'em all. I truly want to go and spectate, sometime soon.

Maybe participate someday!!!

Good luck to all who are entering.

We will be heading for the Oregon State Fair that weekend for the AMHA and AMHR show being held there.

Liz M.

Just passed on a letter exactly as Maureen sent it to me. Wasn't really clear, so thought I would let folks know anyway.

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