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Frizzle's Gal

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Feb 16, 2005
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I was recently at a show and saw people using grass, rain, treats and more to get their horses to strech their neck are you allwoed to use these things??? Also if yiu are which one works best???
You are allowed to use food to "bait" your horse--just like dog shows
. It depends on what your horse likes--and some people use hard candies with krinkly wrappers, small tic tac boxes that rattle, grain, treats--whatever. I have seen some gentlemen use their hats too.
you can use bait. We found that if you use a food product, make sure it is something your horse is familiar with and likes. If you use a treat, he may not even know what it is. be careful with really hard treats--I have seen a horse choke on one in the ring (at Nationals one year). We only use a parina product called 'Nicker Makers' cause they disolve easily so that is one does get caught, it can be disolve quickly with water. If I remember correctly, that poor little horse waited hours for the treat to disolve.

When my husband goes into the ring, he wears a hat and in his pockets you will find--nicker makers, bits of grass, bits of hay, pieces of crinkly paper and sometimes a little feed. He will use his hat and has even pulled his keys out to get their attention. At the last show, he was teased cause he grabbed hay in a hurry and stuffed it in his pocket. He was told he didn't need to bring the whole bale.

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