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Dec 1, 2002
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Did my chores this morning, and was getting ready to grocery shop for my dish to pass at a party this afternoon. Megan, my border collie (from KayKay) was barking at the back door. I just thought she wanted to go back out, so told her to be quiet and I went out the front door. When I got out to the truck, I could see two stray dogs (labs or lab mixes) by my stallion's pen. Suddenly one went under the fence and was chasing Echo. The other dog was running on the outside of the fence barking. Echo was kicking at the dog. He never really landed a good kick, and the dog didn't seem real aggressive, but then he wasn't looking for his way out either. I drove out there and started screaming at the dogs. The one on the outside moved away, but the one on the inside just looked at me like "What?" I went in and shooed him out of the pen. Then he started running into the barn. I caught him and chained him. The other one kept trying to get close to his buddy, but wouldn't come near me. I called 911, and animal control and the state police came. By then the other dog had run off. Animal control took the dog away. He had a rabies tag. I have seen these two dogs running through the neighborhood in the past, but they had never bothered my animals before. The animal control officer volunteered that many people wouldn't have bothered to call them, they just would have taken care of the problem themselves. I kind of feel like I over-reacted, but it sure did scare me. All I could think was that the dog's game of chase could so easily have turned tragic, especially with his buddy with him getting all excited. I really need to pay more attention when Megan says something is up.
I don't think you over-reacted at all, you did the right thing by calling them. I would of been scared too! Glad those dogs didn't hurt your horses.
Most people would have taken care of the problem themselves...(?)


Would they have called the vet office the rabies tag was issued from and gotten the owners name/number and called the dog-owners themselves?...OR...would they have SSS? (shoot, shovel, shut-up)

Over reacted?

I think you acted just fine. However, I'd have wanted to know who the dogs belonged to, to let them know about what their dogs did and that if they had managed to injure your horse they would have been dealing with equine veterinary bills...

Over-reacted??? Not at all -- most especially with TWO strays! You did just right!

Over reacted !!!! Ever seen a horse or cow that has been hamstrung ?? Once the animal is down its all over. House pets get together and form a pack mentality which is not pretty. You did the right thing for sure. I and many others would have just taken care of it on a more permanent basis as we have the right to in most parts of both the U.S. and Canada. If you do not happen to be around the next time the outcome might not be as favorable.
you didn't overreact, i would have done the same thing. velma
karen you did the exact right thing! i cant believe they said that to you. that is the job of animal control. Im so glad it turned out ok

I woke up one morning at 5 am to my border collies barking. Looked out and there were 6 dogs trying to get in my pasture!! I always listen when they bark cus 9 times out of 10 something is wrong

give meghan kisses!

Hello I have never posted on this bord befor so this is my first post.

I have to say I dont think you over reacted!
Good job. a few years back me an my family went outta town I locked all my mini's up (thank god) and left loose in the mini fields our 2 gard donkeys Spyro and Hi jack (not the mini type). well later that day we came back. I went out to move every one back into place and discoverd a pack of stray dogs crowding around something in the mini field. It was Hi jack!! they chased him into a fence (not barb) where he got tangled and where bitting his sides and legs I shooed them off and chased them away. we called the vet and tried to stand him up our vet told us to wait till tommorow to see if he would stand but he died that night
poor Hi jack he was so friendly and got along great with the mini's I am always on my gard with my horses now and never tollorate a dog running in the fields.
C & C Farms said:
I don't think you over-reacted at all, you did the right thing by calling them. I would of been scared too!  Glad those dogs didn't hurt your horses.

The Animal Control Officer was not being rude or snotty. He meant that this dog was lucky that we had called him, instead of the Shoot Shovel & Shut Up that many others would have done. He was quite sympathetic and understood my concern. I did tell him to relay the message to the owners (if they found them) that their dog was chasing my national champion halter stallion, and if I ever found their dogs to have harmed or killed my very valuable horses, they would be sued for very large amounts of money.

KayKay, you are so right. If Megan is barking at the door, there probably is something going on. What a good girl she is. Thanks again for such a wonderful dog.

Thanks for all the support from everyone. I don't know if the owners will be found, or pick up their dog from the pound, and hopefully I won't see the other come back either. My husband saids its time to get the gun out and get practiced with it. I have read so many horror stories here on this board, but have never had any problems until now. Thank God I was home to catch them in the act before it got too far.
I think your reaction was normal BUT I hope your husband leaves his gun down.

I have labs and they are sweet gentle dogs.

One day my dogs went over to a new neighbours house who had chickens. He shot at my dogs and missed
, Thank God.

We live in a small neighbourhood, not a farming community and I can count on 1 hand the number of dogs that live here. All our dogs and kids visit eachothers homes regularly and are welcomed there BUT I guess the new neighbour had other ideas, which is fine BUT the dogs didn't know that!

A simple phone call to me would have worked just fine without him completely overreacting with his gun!

My dogs are family members to us and trying to shot one of them because she happened to walk through your property is unnecessary.

You did the right thing and all is well, Thank Goodness.

I hope the owner can keep their dogs on their property from now on and away from your horses!!!

It is a real worry to have stray dogs chasing animals.

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