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Jun 3, 2004
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Brandon Manitoba
I don't know by what....I was walking across the corral this morning & I kind of moved my hand down & back, it brushed against my leg & there was a pain in my hand. I looked & there was a sticker in the back of my hand, just below the knuckle where my little finger joins my hand. I thought there'd been a sticker in my pant leg & it got jammed into my hand, so I pulled it out & looked at it, & it was a stinger off of some nasty insect. I don't know what kind--it was a deep red stinger, attached to a translucent white bubble--kind of looked like I detached some bee or wasp from his entire butt??? And it was pulsating, making the stinger move up & down. EEEEEWWWW!

It stung for awhile but by the time I finished up at the barn at noon it wasn't bothering at all--there was a little swelling around the sting site but that was it. Now I've been in the house awhile, sitting here at the 'puter, and just happened to move that hand different, and it really hurt. I looked, & it's all swollen around the sting, and it's sore to touch or to move--feels like I really whacked it against something & have major bruising. Never had a wasp or bee sting act like this, so now I'm wondering what it was???

Last time I got stung by something was a robber fly--they aren't supposed to bite people, but this one hit the corner window of my truck and whapped into my arm--it stuck it's nasty little stinger into my arm before it died. Well, let me tell you, it's a good thing that those robber flies aren't normally into stinging people, cuz that was one nasty sting, far worse than any wasp sting I've ever had.

I'll likely lose my hand.....

If you have any plain old asprin tabs in the house? Mash a couple up with a knife handle or whatever, put the crumbs in a small bowl and ad a few drops of water....just enough to make a paste and apply that to your sting site.

Also, if you have any plain old Benedryl (antihystimine -sp?) that will help too.....

Take care!

I keep retelling the story about when the birds and the bees was explained to me. I got stung by a bumble bee and for three months thought I was pregnant.
Awwww man I feel your pain...literally!!! I've gotten stung this spring/summer, and so has hubby and my little boxer...seems like over here the bees are out for vengence, against what I don't know! I know icing it has helped us tremendously, calms the pain down and the swelling too. If the hand keeps swelling and hurting I'd go see a doc, if by chance you are alergic to this specific bug that bit you, you don't need complications. Hope you get to feeling better...them stings are not FUN!!!
Well, I've tried ice, soaking in hot water, witch hazel, an extra dose of antihistamine, some hemmorhoid ointment--nothing makes it feel any better. I thought it had quit swelling, but when I showed Mom just now she said it looks worse. It's aching like mad & I can hardly use the hand at all. Just what I need, my first day of vacation & now I have a bum hand. Lovely.

Geese, you're too's just my hand that's swollen, so at least I know I'm not pregnant!!
"an extra dose of antihistamine, some hemmorhoid ointment--nothing makes it feel any better. I thought it had quit " Quote Thats another thing that has puzzled me for years. What ever happened to those people who tested preparations A through G ?
You might try making a paste out of baking soda & water......worth a try....if it continues on, I would definitely see a Dr. though........ I hope you feel better soon!

Geese, you almost made me fall out of my chair!!
What ever happened to those people who tested preparations A through G ?
They shrunk away and disappeared!!

My husband likes to tease me...a LOT...and one day I told him if he didn't behave, I was gonna buy me some-a-that Preparation H stuff, smear it all over his body, and wait for him to shrink up and disappear. He asked "How do you figure that"? I told him that it was specifically made to do that with "pains in the butt".
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This sounds GROSS but works----chewed up chewing tobacco takes the sting out the fastest.....i know, its GROSS but if you know of someone who chews tobacco it REALLY is true!

please do not ask me how i know! LOL


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