Good News about the starving mules

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Nov 30, 2002
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The starving mules have been moved from the dump they were in.

They are now located across the road in a huge grassy field. YIPPEE!!!!

The rolled bale of hay that I dumped out the back of my truck by their gate is still there. It never made it into the place where they were being staved to death. Isn't that awful? To have mules so hungry and food right there, and the people were to rotten to open up the gate and shove it in.

They are also back on the road. I passed them pulling that big wagon last Sunday on the road. Well atleast now they have some grass until winter, when I am sure they will be starved and frozen again.

Atleast they are temporarily grazing which is better than nothing.
Hi Marty, Thats great news that they are in a grassy field, and can eat least for now! I hate to think of winter and what they will face, sure wish someone could do something to help them! Corinne
The mules by the way, came right up and began to eat it over the gate there.
Last time I check, it did make it into their pen. But I tell you, I am never pulling something that stupid again because I was scared to death I would get caught and they would call the law or something.
Now Marty, last month you said the hay WAS put into their pen.??

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