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Mar 28, 2005
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Hi there, I am getting a colt (he will be four months old when I get him) and I was wondering if there is anything in particular that I should get like suplements or feeds or anything?

Also when should I get his shots? I dont know if the people are going to do it for him before I get him but I dont know so I just decided too ask?


OK everyone's wandered off so I'll give this a shot!! You need to contact your Vet about shots, and also to double check with the seller as to what he may already have had. I know if the dam has had shots, at four months he may still have some immunity that would interfere with his getting proper immunity form new shots so check all this thoroughly with your Vet, otherwise he will NOT be covered even though he has been inoculated. Also check out de-worming, you will need to know when he was done and what with, so that you can work out a programme for him. Have you got good pasture?? If so I would not worry too much about supplements whilst there is goodness in the grass. There are many good junior feeds on the market and I would talk to your supplier about what is most bought and most often replenished in their store- this will then be the freshest feed. You need to check with your farrier that s/he will be able to do such a small animal, and you need to arrange e tooth check in the New Year- a foal should not have too many teeth problems so long as the bite is OK. OK, what have I missed???
You got it all Fizz! Emergency phone numbers, a good farrier, safe fencing, a warm/dry place to sleep, good hay, some toys to play with if he'll be alone. Music and a nite lite.
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Wow Gage, I get my filly in a week & 1/2.. so i came on to ask the same thing!! every thing i thought was right
but i did learn too, thanks rabbitsfizz & Dimimore! I know this post will help more than just us!

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