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Jan 2, 2003
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This is the kind of rescue I love to adopt out. Lexus is a 2 year old pony mare that was rescued at an auction about six months ago. She was ridden in to the ring by a 200+ lb man. AArgh. She was thin and in very bad shape. The woman who rescued her did a great job on rehabilitation. Lexus was sent up from GA to be turned over to CMHR so we could find her the perfect home. She's been at my place for a while now and she couldn't be a nicer pony. I'd estimate her at 11 to 12 hands. She is the pony version of a Mini Pocket Pet. I've seen her run in the field and she has a ground covering georgeous trot and carries her tail high.

The person who adopts Lexus is going to be one very lucky Pony owner. I just can't say enough good things about this mare. She is healthy, happy and a sweetheart!!!

Please contact me with any questions. [email protected]




She's a lovely girl, I hope that you can find her a for ever home!
ginny she is just beautiful!! i dont think it will take long to find her a home
Hi Ginny,

Did you ever find a home for tha sweet pony mare that you had available for adoption?
I'm new to this forum...but the pony caught my eye. Where is she located?
She'd fit right in here with my sorrel mares that I seem to collect except I'm working on getting Pepper. Gorgeous mare! And shame on that 200 lb man for riding her, esp. at 2 years old. GRRR! Whoever gets her will be lucky!

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