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Feb 8, 2007
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SW Ohio
For those of you who offer reduce rates on a gelding contract-How do you do it? Do you just add it into the contract and take their word on it? Do you hold transfer of papers until it is done? How do you find it works best?
I normally just write it in the regular sales contract, when i write the terms i just add in gelding term. Normally i put in something like "The Buyer agrees to geld the said horse by so and so date (normally i give 6months-year ...but of course i will do whatever works for the buyer, i normally just ask that they submit gelding proof to the AMHA/AMHR as i can check online in the studbooks or horsestudbook within a year.

I haven't yet sold an intact colt but my thoughts have always been; if he is in my opinion NOT stallion material and absolutely needs to be a gelding (temperament or real physical issues) then I can geld him before I sell him and be sure, if I have no objection to him being a stallion then I'd sell him at a stallion price and offer a refund of a percentage of the purchase once the gelding is complete. In that circumstance they would NOT get the refund if they first used him for breeding. Not a perfect system but the best one I have come up with so far.

THANK YOU! That is EXACTLY wabt I wanted!!
If we feel that a colt should be a gelding, we geld them before offering them for sale. Our current gelding "got the surgery" because he broke a couple of front teeth and his jaw had to be wired, and rather than risk sending a breeding horse out with potentially crooked teeth (even knowing that it wouldn't be genetic), we gelded him at the same time we wired his jaw. Once he healed, he got to go out and live with his sister and the mares, so he's having a fun life!

Otherwise, this is what it says on our sales page:

" A note about the purchasing of colts/stallions instead of geldings. In many sales list you may find 2 prices listed - a “stallion price” with a “gelding incentive”. Well, we don’t do that here. We don’t price our geldings less than our colts.... instead we offer you a much more tangible “gelding incentive” - a gelding SERVICE! Should you wish your new mini boy to be a more suitable pet for your children, simply make your purchase, pay us full price, and before he leaves here we will have him gelded for you - AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU! We’ll handle the surgery and the aftercare and you can pick him up as soon as he is ready to go! No muss, no fuss, no worries!

~~ Remember the old adage: “A good stallion makes a GREAT gelding!” ~~"

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