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Jan 27, 2004
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Southern Indiana

My dad knows someone at work who has a 13 hand pony he is giving away for free. He says his kids ride it and hang all over it ... Which is great, if it's all true. I was thinking it would be a good horse for my 7 year old sister to ride after I work with him and she out grows out of our Shetland, Ben. One problem is that the pony has foundered before. The man said his kids over fed him. I haven't had much experience with founder, haven't had any at our place so I was wondering if any of you had any information, tips, or suggestions. We might go look at him this weekend. Thank you all,

I'd check some of the online vet sites like the AAEP for the recommended diet for foundered horses. Regular hoof care (more often than every 6 weeks in many cases) and proper feeding are very important when a horse has been foundered.
Founder is a permanent condition. While some animals will remain somewhat serviceable they are still foundered and prone to relapse. It cost just as much to keep a sound horse as one with problems which will only manifest themselves further. IMO unless this is a rescue animal I would stay away because if you become attached its harder to be realistic. Better to spend a few dollars more an end up with an animal that is sound. I have had horses that were foundered and when you see a horse thats all tucked up and in severe pain you feel helpless.
Hi. I have 3 foundered pony mares. If this was a grain founder, try to keep his grain to a minimum or non existant. Mine get a scant cup at each feeding only because the other horses and ponies in the barn are grained and they would feel left out.

Learn all you can about Natural Hoof Trim. There are several sites on the Web about it. Foundered hooves grow amazingly fast and sometimes need to be slightly trimmed weekly.

Mild painkillers are sometimes needed. Try to put yourself in the pony's place and think what it would feel like to be made to do something when your feet hurt. Stay off of gravel and hard surfaces as much as possible. No jumping.

One of my mares is 23 and still being used as a broodmare. She is completely unrideable. The other one is a teenager and can tolerate light pony rides with small children. The 3rd mare you cannot even tell she's foundered.

Also, check with your vet about pasture. Mine stay on dry lot the year round.
well we went to go see him. The poor guy could barely walk, when he did he was sore. we didnt get him, he was already in a good home and we dont have the money for having him trimmed. good thing tho is a farrier bought him and is gonna try trimming and shoeing him. so a happy ending thanks guys for ur help!
Glad to hear he's going to a, hopefully, good home. Sorry to hear the farrier plans on keeping him shod.

A proper trim done about every two weeks should be all that is needed to keep him sound. Shoes can just aggrevate the stuation.
I'm not completely sure on what he plans on doing as far as trimming or shoeing, but their previous farrier recommended shoeing the horse.

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