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Nov 30, 2002
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My Dear Friend Liz, we've been good friends now for a long time and I know that you have done everything in your power to make Misty's life as wonderful as it was. Please accept my deepest condolences through this very difficult time.


Hello Mommy, from Heaven

it's me Misty, your little girl

I'm sorry, I had to leave you,

sobbing alone in your earthly world.

A special Angel was sent for me,

and she reached out her warm hand,

and said that the God was calling me,

and would cure me in His wonderous land.

I know that you did so much for me,

and gave me medicine every day,

you were the best mommy in the world,

I came back to tell you that today.

You tried hard for so long,

to make me feel good,

you gave so much of yourself,

in every way that you could.

You always did so much reseach,

still looking for other ways,

to heal all my problems,

each day after day.

You never gave up on me,

and spent so many hours-

when I think of how our lives grew over the years,

we were like seeds growing into flowers.

But Mommy, I'm in heaven now,

a place where there is no pain here-

I can run, jump, and fly

and I have nothing at all to fear.

So don't cry for me anymore Mommy-

and don't miss me tonite,

look up at the stars in the darkness,

Because I'm the one that is shinning for you so bright.


Marty Garrison
Oh, Marty, you always take the time to touch others. You are a wonderful friend to have!
I am sitting here crying like a baby! How true is that poem!!! Liz loved her little Misty girl and showed it in her never ending perseverence to help Misty in every way that she could.

Marty that was beautiful!

Must stop reading these things at work...dangitall, it is very hard to hold back those tears!!! You are such a very special person, Marty, that brings so much to all here.

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