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Dec 6, 2002
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I posted this as a reply on your original thread but felt you had brought up a very good topic which I totaly agree with you on so I thought it worth posting as a new thread. You have truly "hit the nail on the head" This is exactly what I tell everyone, that sales can be one of the most productive marketing tools you have. You can run ads in the magazines, put out posters or what ever, but there is nothing as effective as putting good well groomed and presented horses in front of the buying public. A picture in an ad is good and we should do that also but it can not do what the real horse presented in person can and the sale is where you get the greatest concentration of potential buyers together in the same place at the same time. We typically have over 300 people at our sales and even if they don't bid as much for your horse as you would like to have the difference is cheap advertising if you have a quality animal and will produce a lot of traffic on your phone, webpage, and eventually to your farm. I believe most people make the mistake of thinking of a sale only as a place to go sell the horse they consigned and miss the greater opportunity of making it a marketing venue for not only their farm but the industry as a whole.

Okay, I'm off my soap box now and thanks Lyn for bringing a nice horse and for understanding the importance of sales as the marketing tool they should be!

[SIZE=14pt]Thanks Ronnie, he was a great horse. I intend to make good on my theory. I dont have one at the moment to bring to the OCt sale but I promise I will in the spring. I will have it presented just like I go into the show ring. If enough of us do that we will have better sales. Toni always has hers beautifully presented as well and her prices usually reflect that. I will bring a good one to every Mt Airy sale I can attend![/SIZE]


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