Filly Fairy stopped in TEXAS!!

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Dec 11, 2002
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Our mare, Rosie, FINALLY foaled (at 340 days) a beautiful bay/white filly yesterday afternoon while I was at work. Came home and found the filly on the wrong side of the fence! All appears fine this morning. Will post better pics next week when I have some help!



AWESOME.....Congratulations, Carin......I know it's been a long wait, but well worth she a big filly or on the smaller side? What is her name????

I know she'll be on the show circuit, huh???

Go get some sleep!!!
Opps forgot to add that her cannon bone measurement was 9" and off the formula I figured she'd mature around 38". I don't believe that. She'll mature about the same size as momma 42-43". I'm going to remeasure when she straightens up a little more.

No name yet! I need help mixing Fashionable Lady's Esquire and Country Star Rosie Flores.
Awww. Cute! How about Pondering Oaks Fashionable Roses? Or is that too many letters? What is the limit anyway?
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Hey, Elizabeth, you're the second that's come up with that name! Gonna have to roll it over a couple times in my head.
She is adorable

Hmm well im not the best with names but i have a few ...Pondering Oaks Roses Of Esquire
Congrats Carin! Now you can rest and play with your new baby.

How about:

Pondering Oaks Fashion Statement? (32 characters total)

Finally she arrived for you Karen, glad that all is well also. Nice filly too, send the filly fairy up here to Pa when you are done you can get some sleep. I have a terrible time with naming foals, most of the time Scott comes up with a name after a few days, good thing I don't have kids. Congrats and I'll tell Rosie that she has a sister. My father has claimed that Rosie Patches is his favorite horse of the farm now. He loves them all but he has his picks for sure.

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