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Jan 9, 2004
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I need some Good fencing types to put up.....right now we have normal board fences around the whole pasture except the dry lot..... but we are working on making the dry lot that we just recently made " more long term"...I don't want barb wire, my dad says no board fences b.c its too hard to dig b.c theres so many rocks, and electric fence won't work either b.c I want the two horses that are sepereated to still be able to touch without getting hurt. Does anyone have any ideas that is Strong or Sturdy, safe for horses to touch over, not hard to put in the ground, and fairly simple to put up. Thanks

We like T-posts and cattle panels. Easy to put up and maintain. We also run a single strand of hotwire to keep them from pushing and rubbing.
The easiest is using T-posts and either rolled cross-wire fencing OR hog panels. For smaller cross-fencing areas, the hog panels are great. The hardest part will be finding the best non-rocky places to pound the T-posts into.

We have very rocky ground too and had to even cement some of the T-posts.

I would say tposts and cattle panels would be your best bet. I have 5ft no climb goat fence (2X4" squares), it is cheaper than the cattle panels. I really like it and it is sturdy, the only problem is they scratch their butts on it and it will sag slightly eventually. I put a strand of electric to keep them off it and they don't touch it.
My first choice is always cattle panels, but they are pretty expensive so I can't use them for any real large areas. For the fields I have woven wire. I use the T posts for both.
Thanks Everyone!
The cattle panels sound like they would work good...thankfully this is a small area so it won't be too expensive to buy some. And I hate to sound stupid but what is a T post? Thank You Guys again....I really appreciate it!

T posts are just those steel fence posts you see everywhere, they are usually green. If you look, the way they are made it forms a "T".
Yep. T-posts are narrow all metal posts with a pointed end. We use hog panels instead of cattle panels because they aren't as tall and cost a little less. For a mini you don't need them quite so high.

the 'T' things, they are long metal 'rods' w/ a stake at the end that you put in the ground, & if you look at them from the top, they look like a T.. i'll find a picture for you..
You think YOU have rocky ground?

Try setting posts on a mountain.

I use metal T posts and field fencing and also cattle panels. All have hot wire on them too.
Thanks Everyone for the description!...I have probably seen them just never knew what they were called.

Midnight Star Stables- If you can find a picture that would be great...Thanks for the description too.

LOL Marty- I live at the foot of a mountain...not as bad as ON a mountain but close LoL....How do you get your post to go in the ground?....seperating the big horses from Sapphire when I first got her was quiet a chore let me tell you

Thanks Again Everyone

....How do you get your post to go in the ground?
You can purchase a post hole driver...they are usually about 40$, this is much easier than trying to hammer them in. You usually drive the tposts in about 2-3ft, but I think you can get away with less, especially if you use a strand of electric...do you have Tractor Supply Co where you live? If so, they will have everything you need. You can look up pics of all the stuff you need on their website too, just search for Tractor Supply Company, their site can tell you the closest one to you also and I think they even have a section about how to install fencing...good luck!
Thanks Fordney Farms-- I do have a Tractor Supply Co about an hour and a half away from me that I could go to....hopefully that will work, its just the rocks that make things soooo hard to get in. LoL

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