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Nov 30, 2002
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I showed my stallion, his filly and my daughters gelding. We didn't place real high but high enough to be proud of our efforts! Falcon made the cut in both of his classes, got 4th and 5ths. He is a neat personality and is fun to show.

We hung out with a lot of friends. Liz and her crew kept us entertained. We met new friends, Susanne and Mingus and put faces to voices to people we have talked to.

The show was well run and lots and lots of horses and ponies were there. Great fun!

Here is a photo of Falcon that Nootka took of him relaxing after his classes.
your stallion even looks pretty when he's relaxing
Wow! What a lovely boy.....love his rich color!

That's relaxed?!?!?!
Take great pride in what you can achive yourself. I sure wish I could be the one in the ring with my boy that's for sure!

How did your filly and gelding do? Any photos of them "relaxed"?
I think he's very nice and I love his coloring too, so rich and elagant looking!
Yay,. there's Falcon!

He looks awesome right now and he even got some very important, unexpected visitors! Sami Scheuring and Michelle Meacham, also Lonnie Perdue, who has his only son to date, got to meet Falcon in person at the Evergreen Mini Show!

Falcon did very well, and Annette is right: there were a LOT Of beautiful horses there. Tough competition.

My horses did ok, also:

Mouse was Jr. Champion Gelding (only two in his class/division), and didn't get anything I don't think in his Amateur Gelding class (were there really 22 entries> Wow!!!) I overheard a comment from a spectator that the NW/this region has some beautiful geldings, probably even nicer ones than our stallions! And I agree!!! There are some awesome geldings out there.

and Lark was first of four Weanling Mares of '05, and nothing in Amateur Mares (there were like 14 or more in the class and she was NOT happy w/me).

Mingus was gorgeous...his silky, deep red coat just invited petting. I could not keep my hands off of him! He was sure pushing susanne's buttons, though, and she shouldn't feel bad about it. Mouse was all over me, too, and it takes a long time to establish the right relationship with them to get their best even when they are upset. Even then, anything can blow it all away! I fully expected him to walk away w/the solid color Over class, but I think the judge may have looked past him simply because he was not anything but a red blur! *LOL*

Wish it had not rained on Friday and Sunday, but that's life in the NW!

Seems there were lots of birds at this show, including one that "took the ring" during short lulls, and a nest of babies near our stalls, also some friendly crows we fed.

I will post photos when I get time. My camera malfunctioned so I don't have much to share this time.
Lark is maturing very nicely, though.

It was good to see everyone. That was one nasty, grubby show: those stalls are gross! I hope they hold this show somewhere else in the future.

Liz M.
I'm so glad I finally got a chance to meet Kim and Falcon (I had already met Hillary at another show). Falcon is breathtaking, but what you can't see in the photo is what a smart, aware horse he is...nothing gets past him. At the same time, he's an absolute sweetheart.

I need to thank Liz and Hillary for helping me (I feel like I hardly contributed) get our ramp down from the roof rack and back up again...I'm sure this is how they wanted to spend their afternoon! At least they got to witness a Mingus fashion show, as I had him model several halters, including a gorgeous Shetland halter, with browband and chin strap. I think I have to get one...it's really his look.
Okay, that's it: assuming he moves as nicely as he does everything else, I NEED A FALCON BABY!!!

Congratulations on a good show, thanks for sharing. I too would like to see pictures of your other horses!

It pays to be stalled in BFE with good friends... I vote Martin (Nootka's husband) as best cook and worlds greatest potato salad maker!!!!! Liz and Martin made sure that not only myself but my clients were well fed, which in our barn is a rarity! Kim & Hillary are awesome as well and I wish I had time to visit more with them. Kim added to my flamingo collection with some tiki torches which we should have lit to keep the blood sucking mosquitos away..... I saw for a brief moment the appearance of "Mr. Happy" looking not so happy and a little limp..... He sure was in need of a little lovin
Like I posted in Rob's results, the rain, mud, flooding, soggy stalls and dust (What a combo) made for a long show. I also wanted to mention that someone kidnapped one of our flamingos.... One we lovingly call Joe Blow. The ransom note demanded chocolate and cheese and payment by noon or he would be de-flated.... we never saw the note till about 2ish and on the table was another note that we missed the deadline, he was deflated and suffering. We paid the ransom but we kidnapped their "rats" so a trade was made and Joe is now safe and sound. Showing is intense but its friends and little things like this that make them so much fun.
Here is a pic of my own "Falcon" daughter at the Evergreen Show:


I just LOVE her topline and the way she keeps getting better and better looking as she matures. Legs and a pretty head! Oh, and she has a bratty little attitutude, too. But that came from Momma, I think. ;)

Liz M.
Hee hee, Lori! Yes, Mr. Happy was Mr. deflated when I found him in the back of Rob's truck, but he went home w/the Crabby Chickens, so chances are he'll be grinnin' again, soon.

It was fun being near your stalls. We were happy when we saw your banner and pink flamingos right around the corner from us. Martin's desire to cook and care for people is pretty deeply rooted as that is usually what he does on the boats, and he is quite pleased with a "yummmm" or two and a few thank yous of appreciation, which he got in spades. Nice not to have to run to the nasty little concession stands at most of these shows they are pretty bad.

Anyway, Lori, you had some gorgeous horses and I noticed you doing pretty well out there yourself. I hope my plans for Mouse and you to spend some time together can be realized in the near future.

Sounds like everyone had fun and did well, thanks for the pic of Falcon, he is gorgeous!

I guess I missed out, I was just tooooo burned out from three weekends in a row showing, I know, I am a lightweight! Not like you showin' fools, going out week after week after week.... maybe once I have a better routine down I will do better! I still haven't unpacked my van from the last show...
I have to say, after being in mini horses for all these years. The best part is sitting around and talking to your friends at these shows. I didn't get to talk to brunette Annette! And Joan and Loni and Valerie, and so many people. It was fun.

I can't say enough about LoriG's integrity and sense of entertainment. She is someone I would be MORE than happy enough to send any one of my precious horsie babies, and maybe a human baby too! ( Hilary cleans a mean stall Lori!!!) HeeHee!

And her horses look well loved and wonderfully conditioned. Hard to do when your stalls are dust bowls!

Thanks everyone for a wonderful show!

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