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Aug 31, 2003
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Hi all, just got the computer back from being de-virused. Nathan has e-mailed me and let me know that although they did consider keeping him, being a stallion, he needs to go. Nathan's phone is 607-525-6511. [email protected] or me [email protected] 607-525-6610. He does have registry papers that with some work and phoning can be had. I figure him at about 36" and a bay or black/white pinto.

Dear Deb

Sorry that I have been soo negligent about keeping in touch and getting something done about Tecumseh.

I have a lot happening these last months and to tell of it would be a letter all it's own.

I guess the other thing would be that Kim and I never totally decided to sell him and the longer he's stayed the more we've gotten used to his ornery butt. I added another line and he does stay inside the fence now!

Well everything has change drastically and I really do need to let him go now.

Money isn't everything but he should recieve good care and I don't think I can give it to three horses by myself and drive truck to.

If It isn't too much to ask possibly you could put the word out one more time and I would entertain any reasonable offer that would put him in good hands. Anything between 500 and 750 would not get much discussion as long as the care is there. Anything less and I would worry about conditions and i believe I have nearly that much in time feed and chasing him around invested.

I hope you can help me out, if you can send me an e-mail and let me know, sundays are the best time for me to be here and as I'm alone until Kim returns someone needs to be here because of liability reasons.Thanks for your help in advance

I am sorry i am not up on the story can you fill me in about this horse
Ok, LONG story short.

Last Dec. this guy comes to my door and asks if I'm missing my stud. After a second of panic I realize mine is in the barn. Made some phone calls, not theirs eother.

SO...I post him here and there and on and on and no one claims him. Nathan finally decides to sell him. Maybe. As time wears on he is approached by a lady who saw the ad, correctly id'd him and told a terrible story. She had bought this fella (intact stallion) at a sale for her granddaughter. They hoped she could "ride" him. (NOT) He was awful and bucked and kicked and short version... theyopened the gate and said "don't let the door hit you on your way out." They just threw him out.

He spent most of the winter foraging on his own. Nathan is miles from his original home. Now don't flame Gramma...another uninformed horse buyer who thought she was doing a nice thing. Gramma lives a ways away and knew nothing of this story til she saw the ad. Needless to say...she told Nathan to keep him and gave him all the paperwork she has.

I did find and speak to his original owner/breeder. He is AMHR reg, Pinto Horse reg. and WCMHR and his R papers could be gotten in order and upto date. Please PM me if you want more intimate details.

Nathan now realizes having a stalliuon in the paddock is a problem. He has a lovely huge gelding and a small mustang filly now 2 or 3. With spring and I imagine her in heat..things are getting out of hand. Elvis aka Tecumseh is located about 5 miles from me. He looks wondeful, burdocks are gone, he's sleek and fit. Still a bit much to handle but who can blame him with his sad story.

Nathan drives truck all week and isn't home but weekends. His horses have a gorgous run in shed, lots of hay and fresh water. This mini stallion needs to see the gelding fairy, unless someone seriously sees breeding potential in him.?. That's it...I hope someone will see this fella nd fall in love. I do have some pics if someone would likew to post them.
Poor guy!!! I wish I had the room, but I think I'm maxed out right now. I sure hope someone can help this guy. He's a handsome fella! I can post pics too.
Ok, in Gramma's small defense...the horse was bought at an auction/sale in Conn. That's where she is....upon a visit here... she saw the ad. Nathan and I are not related or anything...he's just someone who has reached out for help and I'm doing my best for Elvis/Tecumseh. He deserves a good home.

Thanks all.

By the by....selling locally isn't recommended. With the exception of a few responsible owners many minis sold locally end up in a back yard or pasture of someone who has no idea and the horse ends up at the local sale. Being that his price is so low...I would be afraid of the meat men...they thrive here.
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where is this little elvis???? i'm in ohio and have 2 mini geldings and 3 mini donkeys.....lots of friends here.
Not so little Evis aka Tecumseh is located on the NY/Pa border south west of corning/Elmira. About an hour from the NY show grounds in Horseheads.

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