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Jun 6, 2004
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Donie TX
My 17yo pinto mare is utd on all shots etc, always healthy just accident prone. Recently she has begun to doze very heavily. Her head is nearly on the ground and her knees will all but buckle, but she will catch herself then do it all over again. She is perky and will immediatly 'come around' when she see's me coming out ( have checked on her a bunch, this is worrying me) Vet just says she isnt a young filly anymore LOL but I have never seen another horse do this like she does and after loosing my ol man a couple years ago I am more worried than probably should be. Any thoughts? is she just starting to doze harder now?
If it were me I would make my vet do complete blood work and exam on her. Any notable change like this should not be attributed to age w/o ruling out some disease process happening.
Yes you most definately have a red flag here.

I won't go into details here but I can tell you that a complete blood workup is in order asap.
I've had her for nearly all her life. Marty, if you can pm or email me what you think, my local Vet ( love him, but....) while he is good, sometimes I think he lacks the sight to see the entire picture, so would like some ideas to give him. This weak kneed thing is her only 'symptom'.

I will see how she does today. Yesterday I stripped her stall and rebed it, there was a hard spot in the middle and this mare is SUCH a diva that she wouldnt sleep on it. Kinda like the princess and the pea LOL I am wondering ig she just wasnt sleeping at night. In hindsight it has been a little bit since I have brushed shavings off her.

ty for the replies
Don't mind me, I've been told I'm a professional worrier.

As I said privately I don't have a clue actually but it doesn't set right with me. There's just so much out there that I'm at the point where I question everything I see that doesn't appear normal. I'd be running some blood. This could be something that as supplement could handle as well as something that you need to get a grip on or nothing at all. Horses ......
Marty, being a virgo I am a worrier too LOL comes w/the territory. So far so good w/lexi. I am leaning towards her not getting her beauty rest the last few nights ( because of lumpy stall LOL) Last night I know she laid down and slept and this afternoon after her lunch the dozing was normal, no looking like she was fixin to pass out. I WILL be keeping a close eye on this, but am thinking it was just lack of sleep. Lord knows Tonto ( mini) will not let any of the girls sleep during the day, too busy trying to be King of the mountain LOL thanks for your posts

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