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Just got a text and photo (with the good news that she has lost 20#) from the folks who took Midnight this summer. They are thrilled with her. And a Christmas card this week from folks who took Rowdy several years ago. They say "he gives us so much pleasure". Haven't heard from them in all this time, but they felt they wanted to send a card. It's always nice when we hear good news about horses who have left us.
Glad to hear they have both found the perfect homes Kelly. Ive always been TERRIBLE at downsizing though I did manage to find an amazing home for one of my little mares last year. Cant wait to hear what you and Strormy and Breezy have planned :)
Update: life is so much easier with only 2 minis! I am so glad I kept the ones I did, they are just so easy and get along so good together. If you are considering downsizing, I say go for it! It is hard letting go and it is hard deciding which ones to keep but it will be a relief off your shoulder, a weight lifted. Good luck to anyone having to make such a tough decision 😍

And thank y’all for your encouragement and kind words! 💕💕

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