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Aug 20, 2003
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I'm copying over a post I have on our local rescue's board. Can

anyone please help? WI only requires that animals have food, water,

shelter - the sheriff has been out here numerous times. We need to

save these donkeys...

Here is a sad story. I'm looking to get as much help from any of

you I can to make this a happy ending. There is a group of donkeys

located by Neillsville. They are small standard size (38-44in) in

various colors. They are neglected quite badly. I've known they

were there for a year or so, but we finally stopped last nite and

talked with the person who's farm they are by. Found out they are

owned by someone 10 miles away, and they take poor care of them.

Guess the sheriff has been out there quite a few times already. No

results, cause they have some food and water (that is filled with

all kinds of crap - it's gross). There is 6 donkeys in a 1/2 acre

pen - 3 INTACT jacks, and 3 jennets - they're father, mother, and

children. One jack is apparently the leader as the other two jacks

have severely damaged ears and LOTS of scars and bite marks. They

are quite thin (I can't seem to even get my donkeys thin when

they're in the diet pen!) with back bone and hip bones pretty

visable. I'm guessing they are very wormy. Their shelter is a 4 ft

tall dilapitated metal thing that they don't all fit in. They are

friendly and came right up to us. Half of them have elf shoe feet

and need a farrier immediately, especially two of the jennets. The

woman in the house said one almost died over winter it was so sick -

she wants someone to take the donkeys away as she is sick of being

harassed by people (like me haha) thinking they are hers. Well, I

called the woman who owns them and am trying to talk her into

donating to MHWF or selling them cheap, so we can get them out of

there. She'll sell all, but as of now, wants $150 each. I'm

willing to do the hauling and talking to her, but can we maybe raise

some money for these poor donkeys? I am going to run over there

tomorrow morn. with my hubby and take a bunch of pics with the

digital of them. I want to get them out of there, but I can't

afford $900 in rescue donkeys. I told her they were not worth that

and she said she knew that and was going to think on it. I've

talked to Scott already, so he's prepared in case she calls. Lets

save some precious long ears! Please call or email me if you can

help. We'd also need to get these guys coggins tested too. I had

to spend time with my longears tonite to tell them how lucky they

are we love them so. Jenny 715-255-9363 or 613-7243

[email protected]
Jenny, I just read your post and it makes me sick to think of these poor donkeys. I am going thru the same thing up in my part of Wisconsin, I am trying my darnest to get the remaining donkeys out of where I got the last one that I posted about. I was able to get one more jack out of there and placed in a GREAT loving home. I will ask around about "your" donkeys and let you know if I come up with anyone. Thank God, for people like you who have a caring heart! Corinne
Thanks Corinne, any help at all is appreciated. We are gonna take our chance tomorrow morning when taking pics and look them over really well and try to check teeth and stuff. Hopefully the stupid owner doesn't show up! But, I have people wanting to send donations already!

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