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Nov 30, 2002
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I need something to help pass the time today -- and horses with dogs would be great! I'd love to see pix of your horses & your dogs together. I'll start with two. First, here's Dear Prudence with Little Wee I'm A Freckled Feather Too. Then, there's Ursa with an as yet unnamed filly. Please show me your cutest or most loveables or silliest. Thanks! (ok, you could throw in a cat or two as well)


I don't have a scanner, but my huge mastiff husky cross used to lead my tiny gelding around the yard by his lead rope! It was so funny, they would go trotting around and around.

Love your doggy pics!
Okay, they aren't playing, but they are together . This is my Shetland Sheepdog Kasey, with our filly, Starlette


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Looks like the dog is herding the foal in the first pix, then the other way around in the second!

And I'd love to see the lead rope routine too. I can just picture Ursa getting into that.
This is Dandy(colt) and Fred. They play together everyday. Have a great game of tag.

I would love to post but, alas, I don't have a dog!! What you might find hilarious though is my pet Indian Fantail pigeon likes taking rides on the back of my filly, Sinclair! I will have to go home and get a picture of it for you! It's hilarious, she'll start walking and he'll flap around to make sure he stays on her back! My gelding hates the bird but Sinclair doesn't seem to even notice he's on her back!
My GOD I had to search through 3 pages to find this post again!!! Ok, here is my girl Sinclair and her long-term buddy, Indy!

(Sorry I know the photo's are huge!)




Yep..friends for life!
Cute! I love pictures of horses and dogs together, best buddies! (oh and birds too!

You've all seen this one but I will post it again since it is a specifically dog and pony post.
My Great Dane, Hayley, and "her" filly, Treasure. Treasure was born before the other foals of the year were, and she and Hayley got to be very close.

and another

and then nap time:

Okay, I'm cheating here, but I couldn't resist after reading the heading for this thread!

This is the cd sleeve for one of Keith's and my recordings...titled "Dog & Pony Show" In the interest of full disclosure, I have to admit that Hillary would never in a million years sit on Mingus' back...but a bit of Photoshop work did the trick!


(It's also a dirty trick on Mingus, showing him way back when we first adopted him, before he was totally recovered from neglect.)

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