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Irish Hills Farm

Irish Hills Farm
Dec 1, 2002
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Baxter, TN
Ok I posted a couple of pictures when Diva was about 12 hrs old and a few of you said she is a silver dapple. Here is one of those pictures.


Here is another picture of her a little bit older.


And here are three pictures I took today. She is almost 3 months old now.




Now do you still call her a silver dapple or is she gray? And the pictures don't show it very well, but on her forehead the hair is a tanish/brownish color. She also has some of that on her shoulers......what's that from? You can see it wasn't there in the first two pictures.


dapple gray. A gray is a horse that will go white. She is a dapple gray even thou she has no dapples. She might also get them as she ages.
She doesn't look like a typical Silver Dapple to me at all!
Her mane is still very black....if she were silver, it would be lightened considerably by now. She also doesn't appear to have the dark "mask" on her face, that Silver Dapples do.

I see no sign of her "graying out" either as a "true Gray" would.

Her clipped coloring doesn't look gray on my monitor. She looks like she's a brown color...which would lead me to think bay?

What color is her sire?
My first thought was some sort of bay, maybe a silver bay?? Just a guess.....

Cute little girl
This foal was never a silver, she´s a black, if the sire is gray she could go gray.
I have to say I have never seen a black foal with a blonde tail- I have seen them with highlights etc, but not as solid blonde as this one, nor with the strange colouring on the head. I am going for a very dark Buckskin/Dun, but I need to know more about the parents or it is just a shot in the dark. Sires colour?? Grand sire's and Grand Dam's colours??
If this girl IS a gray, she's a very atypical one. No ring around those eyes at all, no other sign. I would have said black or silver dapple myself but from those later photos I agree she may be some odd combo color. I would be very surprised if she grayed out...I don't think she will.

Sorry I didn't post about parents.........

Sire is a silver bay (Fire N Ice son) and dam is a sorrel who's sire is black and dam is sorrel.



Diva's tail is still mixed, light on the sides and dark down the center.

This filly's coloring is really throwing me. Wish I had taken better pictures.

Thanks for all your help, if you need more info let me know.
OK definitely NOT Grey!!! Is the dam really a Red Dun?? That could throw something else into the mix!!!
I don´t think the tail is to light for a black, have seen some before.

But since dad is a pinto maybe she has a pinto marking in the tail?

Also a possibility.
She does not look Black to me- I have seen Blacks born that colour, true, but not clip out that colour- why do you think she is Black??
Hey Sheryl, I don't know squat here but she looks like the color of my little Ebbie, chocolate silver.

(ps hurry up)
Silvers don't always have their manes and tails completely diluted; a friend of mine has a silver gelding that has a light tail but his mane is still mostly dark.

I'm going to say she is a chocolate silver.
Hi there! Wow...she looks just like a filly I had born this year only my filly is staying the same color! Well, let's go through the gene pool here...dam is sorrel so no matter what you filly has the red gene. Sire is silver bay (forget the pinto-your filly is not pinto so we'll just leave that out right now) so he has the black gene, red gene, AND silver gene. Your filly definitely got the silver gene. So far we have the silver gene and red gene! That alone would make her a silver chestnut/sorrel. But I think your filly attained the black gene from daddy-not the red one which would make her a silver bay. If you look at your fillies head you can see how much of the red is coming through. If your filly has the silver and the black gene that would explain why she was born so dark. Foals are also usually born neutral shades (either dark or light-like a bay will be born with lighter legs. It's a way of survival. That's how they survived in the wild by keeping hidden.) so that could explain some of that too.
Whew! So I'm thinking you have a silver bay-possibly a silver chestnut (but I don't think so!). Hope this helped!
She has the silver gene... she could be a CHOCOLATE silver -- or any shade of silver even without the dapples.

Your foal is NOT grey - to be a true grey (as opposed to being a silver).. she would have to have at least ONE grey parent.. and any horse that has the grey gene (as grey is dominant) it will sooner or later turn white!

My best guess is that she is a black based silver -- a color I call chocolate. Her mane will stay a mixed color with some lighter sunburnt hair and some darker platinum/pewter/gray colored hairs.

She is adorable however.

Obviously this IMO --- I have 4 silver horses. 2 are chocolates without dapples - one is a typical silver dapple and 1 is a chocolate silver dapple.


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