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Nov 6, 2021
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I got a mini about 3 weeks ago. No showlines, no fancy dancy things. So her from ain’t pretty.

2E679D51-1718-45D6-83CA-5CF7AC250C17.jpegIs there anything that could help her? Does she have some nice “parts”. Any thing helps!!! Sorry if the pictures are not the “same” :)
Is there anything that could help her? Does she have some nice “parts”.

Could help her with what? I think she is PERFECT just the way she is. “Ain’t pretty”? I think she is BEAUTIFUL! Do you plan on showing, if not then who cares, she is wonderful! Enjoy her for her. All she needs is some snuggles, that would HELP her a bunch!! 💕💕
So nice to see your pretty girl!
A front picture would tell alot, such as forward-looking eyes and straightness of leg. I think she has a pretty head and her body seems well proportioned. Maybe a little ewe-necked, but maybe not--depending on how she was set up to show. Love her color! She might benefit from more protein and some exercise to build her topline. How old is she? Her coat already looked better in the recent picture, from your care. Is that her in your avatar with the pretty white star? (I wish one of my horses had a pretty star)
Keep posting about your horse journey.
By the way, it is spelled "conformation".😊
Welcome aboard, kleethemini! It’s nice to meet you! I’ve learned so much here. No matter the problem or question, it seems someone has the experience and information to help.:)

She is pretty! Her color is lovely, and could there be a sock or two under her winter coat? Her profile is nice and straight, and her ear has a pretty shape with a lovely ‘tip’, or little curve on the top. It looks like she has a very nice shoulder which I always associate with a nice forward moving horse/pony.

As Marsha said, she has good proportions and your care shows in her coat condition on Nov.19. If she’s like my little gang, she is busy growing a thick coat for the winter too! 🥶

I hope you post about your time and adventures with her! She’s a doll. 💕

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