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Jul 11, 2005
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Green Springs Ohio
Okay coco has stains on his coat where its white. Not allot but just around the front legs. I wash him every sunday and i scrub and scrub and scrub but it will not come out. You can still see it. Then under this mane it is soooo dirty. Ive strubbed it for about 10 minute straight and its still dirty. Can anyone help w/ these stains on his coat? Its mostly just poop stains from where he sleep in it sometimes before i can clean it all out at night. What can i put on it? and is there a special way i can get it out?
Blue dawn dishwashing soap -- works great & is cheap. For real stuborn stains -- use miracle groom -- it will take most anything out. GOOD LUCK.
I have several tricks up my sleeve.

When it is a quick spot that has not set in too bad I can usually get it out with Miracle Groom or Cowboy Magic sprayed directly on the stain and wipe with a clean cloth until the cloth is clean

When I bathe I use Quik Silver shampoo.

I have had good success with mixing a little Oxy Clean with the shampoo as well for tail stains and mane.

I also tried a product called Griminator,(I think) this past weekend that worked very well on the yellow tail. However I did not try it on the body as it seems quite strong. Some said their horses got hives from it so did not want to chance it at a show.

Use the Blue type shampoo full strength and let it set a few minutes and then use a sprayer on Shower setting and really rinse it out good all the way down to the skin. Spray against the way the hair grows and get in their with the water.

Then coat him good with Show Sheen, Laser Sheen or a similar product and the future stains will come out easier.
Actually, bathing once a week seems like a lot to me. If you bath too often, you will take the natural oils out of the coat, allowing manure stains to get really set into the hair shaft, instead of just coating the hair shaft. Hair is somewhat pourous and the oils usually would keep stuff from soaking in.

The other ideas are good ones though, for removing stains as needed, but I still don't think I'd do a full bath every week. Spot wash with miracle groom or quick silver as needed and save baths for once in a while. Spraying some show sheen type product on will also help avoid deep set stains.
I've seen products in catalogs, that are "green out' products for removing manure stains..I think Country Supply, Valley Vet or SHepplers etc all have it...

Laundry bluing works on white tails and manes but rinse well and don't leave on too long.

Asking the other posters, where do you get that Miracle Groom? Maxine
I'm not joking - try baby wipes!!
I get miracle groom from jeffers. They are online at or I think maybe don't quite remember. I do know the phone # is 1-800-jeffers and you can get an equine catalog. They have lots of grooming stuff at the most reasonable prices I have found and much of it is free shipping when you order minimum amount.

You can also get miracle groom from many vendors at shows.

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