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Nov 30, 2002
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CMHR is always expanding and looking for ways to keep things running smoothly and efficiently. We are currently seeking new Board of Director Members to fill the volunteer position of:

Webmaster: Must have basic knowledge of building and maintaining and frequently updating a website.

People who apply for this position must:

  1. Have access to read and respond to emails daily as this is how the Board of Directors normally communicates between each other.
  2. Must be respectful of people and keep a code of confidentiality to those who surrender horses to CMHR and all CMHR business within the Board of Directors.
  3. Must have knowledge of the Miniature Horse breed and be versed in general care.
  4. Must be willing to take direction from other Board Members and work efficiently and accomplish your duties as quickly as possible.

The Board of Directors will review and vote on all applications submitted and will respond to the status of each one. Applications can be located here:

and emailed to:[email protected]


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