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Nice picture! She looks great, is it her you need to get a belly off? She looks good.

But here is what I would do.

Worm, even if it has only been a short while.

Cut back on hay and up grain.

Dont let her on pasture


and if you have one, use a belly sweat.

Things sont happen quick sorry, but these things will help.
She is beautiful! (Not that I'm partial to bays or anything...)

I wouldn't consider her to have a hay belly at all...she might need just a bit more weight on her, but it may just be the photo.
She is Super pretty! I don't think she has a hay belly but maybe you should post a pic of her just standing instead of jumping b.c she is all strectched out to jump so can't really tell.

[SIZE=14pt]Where's the belly????[/SIZE]

What belly?

Aw, come on now........
She looks good Cara! Will you be bringing her to the shows around here?

She doesnt look like she has a hay belly there...but I think it might be because of the jumping pic, do you have a pic of her standing?

She looks to be in perfect weight to me. Don't compare your mare with other 'ultra-refined' miniatures, remember .... not all miniature horses are made to be super slim and refined, your mare looks very well built and at great weight, though not one of those 'ultra-refined' minis; nothing wrong with that!
I agree I don't see a big I can show you a belly, Buddy looks like he's about 300 day PG..but it's getting better due to backing off the hay and beet pulp.
Hello, I go to the same show as Cara and yes China has a belly. She is also 19 years old though. She is becoming a great jumper, it scares me a little though cause she is coming to beat me in a show lol. She certainly doesnt need weight on shes a chunck lol but we all love her. She has lost quiet a bit of weight since we got her and is looking better everyday! What you are doing is working Cara so keep up the good work! Love ya

hi there kris

um yea i will be showing her in the shows with nicole and the other 4h people. yea she does have a belly sadly.
anyway here is pic
'>My Webpage

I dont even see a hay belly
Shes pretty, looks like she enjoys jumping and is good at it!
thanks nicole! but yea i think she does i when i look at it it sort of makes me sad but you know oh well she doen the best she can! right! lol also this is her first year every showing ,being worked, or very being use for somthing other the a foaling mare! so im really happy with her right now lol!!!!!!!

Oh my, if that is a belly then I certainl wouldn't want my belly seen
She looks great.
She does not have a "hay belly" what she has is a slightly dropped belly from having foals. You need to go more carefully with her, this mare is old and coming into work for the first time in years, she has conformational issues which I will not go into as you did not ask me to. Go carefully, please, you want this girl to be with you for a while yet!!!

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