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Sandy S.

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Nov 30, 2002
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Wanted: A mini horse named Cheesecake

Updated: April 25, 2008 11:09 AM EDT

Indianapolis - A Marion County family says someone stole their mini horse, and the whole neighborhood has joined in the search to bring the animal home.

The horse, named Cheesecake, was taken sometime between Wednesday night and Thursday morning this week. The suspect took Cheesecake from a home in the 700 block of East Pleasant Run Parkway South Drive.

Owner Catherine Warholak got Cheesecake from a mini horse farm last December. The horse was a Christmas present for her nine-year-old son. Warholak is concerned that whoever took Cheesecake will sell him at an auction. She doubts that the suspect knows how to take care of the mini horse.

Cheesecake is not a showhorse but part of the family, Warholak said. The family has passed out flyers and made posters. They've also gone to the fire station and contacted animal control.

Neigbhors, friends and even strangers have joined the search for the min horse. People felt sorry for Warholak's son, who walked the neighborhood passing out flyers.

Police plan to put out a "BOLO" (Be On the Lookout) for Cheesecake on police radio and during roll calls and shift changes.

Cheesecake was supposed to appear in a Fountain Square parade for the Indianapolis Museum of Art.
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Adorable photo of Cheescake playing with your son. I sincerely hope they find this little fella for you.

So sad to think that someone could do this to you..................PLEASE let us know when he is found!

I just don't understand why people steal these little guys!
Oh what an awful thing to do how so low some people scoop
...hoping cheesecake is found.
Sorry their baby is gone, what is it with people nowadays!! They either think they can get big money for him or are pulling a stupid prank! Shame on them!!
That's horrible!!! I hope they find him real quick! Then I hope they severely punish the jerks that stole him. Could it be someone they know or would know he was there? Or is he visible to passerbys? I am sending out prayers to find him safe and soon. The poor little boy must be so upset.
I sure hope little Cheesecake will be found safely and returned. Please post when he is found.

Prayers for his recovery,

Have they contacted NetPosse, Stolen horse inc? I would do that as well as putting flyers everywhere, the vets offices, feed stores, local auction barns, where ever anyone would let me.

the link is


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