Check out Oprah today re: Puppy Mills

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I just hope she does it right and doesn't plug PETA or HSUS. Don't need those crazies to get that kind of publicity.

If she does it right, this could be great! If she plugs the nut case organizations, trouble could ensue.

Keep your fingers crossed!
Thanks Sue for the reminder. I planned on watching but I know I'm going to be sitting here bawling my eyes out.
I just want to take them all home because it is not the poor puppies fault.
I know someone who just bought a pet store puppy. She works at the store. They wanted 1650 for it. But she paid 650, put down a 300 Deposit and the dog was dead in 2 days. It was being treated for ring worm and kennel cough, and it died because of parvo. The store gave her deposit back after she fought them for it, but they don't want to pay the 500 emercengy vet bills.
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My friend told me about this Oprah so I am planing on watching. If I can stand it!! I will also want to take them all home, which i cant do!!
Sooo sad
. Here i sit crying holding onto Sassy for dear life lol. I didnt know Oprah's dog passed, poor girl

...maybe Oprah should do something on Horses around the same subject ...

I gained allot of respect for Oprah during this episode.
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Just watched sad that people treat animals so poorly and cruely.....our next dog will be from a shelter. People drop kittens off here all the time...we have 5 now. Our last drop-off gets spayed on Tuesday.
It was very well done, had me in tears. The song that was on with the memorial to Sophie was one I had thought of using with a memorial video to our lost animals, if I can ever bring myself to do one.

Having fostered a puppy mill brood b*tch that was sold at auction, really brings her story home.

The HSUS person even sounded rational and made very good recommendations.

I don't have shelter dogs, but purebreds from responsible breeders since I like to show, but I do offset that by fostering rescues and maintaining my club's Petfinder page.
I was watching yesterdays...which was interesting to say the least, and saw the ad for todays. But I dont think I can stand to watch it. They replay Operah here late night so while it sounded interesting and part of me wants to watch, I just dont think I can bring myself to watch it. But maybe...we'll see....I know I'd be crying my eyes out.
I want to thank the original poster for notifying us all that this would be on today; I seldom watch Oprah and would have missed it completely.

I am VERY glad this subject is being presented on Oprah's show, because it will reach a MAXIMUM number of people! I didn't know that Oprah had lost Sophie; the tribute to her was extraordinarily moving--the first of the several times I cried and cried, watching....worse was the actual scenes of the euthenasia being done in the Ft. Worth shelter...when the dogs went to their death with tails wagging(I can't even write about it without tears...)--Kudos to that shelter, for allowing the public to realize what an UGLY truth this is--but what a NECESSARY sight, that needed to be seen, to realize the sad shame of such a terrible thing having to be done on such a scale. I 'believe in' humane' euthenasia when needed--but there is something SO fundamentally immoral about killing a being that is healthy in body, mind, and spirit.

I agree, even the HSUS guy spoke with logic and reason(and thankfully, PETA has not been mentioned!) I so admire the gentleman from Main Line Rescue, for being able to keep a cool head and therefore, help the animals---I could not do it. I did not realize that the 'mills' are common in PA; have always heard that they are proliferate in MO and other nearby states--but I'm sure they exist just about everywhere across the country--just more so in some places. I also did not realize the philosophy of some/most? Amish toward dogs--all I will allow myself to say is that I guess the 'old' way ISN'T always so great, is it?

I fervently hope that this program WILL reach many AND make a difference in many people's thinking-as even Oprah said it had in hers!

I should add--I have had MANY dogs in my life, all beloved. Most came from private breeders--not show breeders, but ones I DID visit and see the parents and the way the dogs lived(most would qualify as BYB's, probably). In more recent years, living near places where there actually ARE shelters, I have also had shelter dogs, and will go there EXCLUSIVELY in future, as long as I am able to have and love a dog!

I didn't get to watch the whole episode, so she may have covered this but just in case she didn't... I know of a large puppy mill that I got involved with... I wanted to become a legitimate kennel.... I got out of the dogs totally because I just couldn't bring myself to do.... to treat dogs that way. I'm quite embarrased to admit that I nearly became a puppy mill myself.

The big thing now is not newpaper sales, and not all pet shop sales. She sold her puppies by the camper and horse trailer full by taking them to big FLEA MARKETS. Yup... that's the ticket now. If you can't move your "stock" at the dog auctions, then you could sure move what's left by taking them to the flea markets and city wide yard sales. There's a great big flea market in Canton, Texas.... she moves thousands of dollars worth of puppies and dogs down there.

I just couldn't handle it... emotionally, financially, physically... I couldn't just throw dogs in a pen and harvest puppies from them. I wanted them to have good food, not "good enough" food. I wanted them to have clean pens, big pens.. not small cramped up wire cages. My dog's pens were no smaller than 16x32 feet. I wanted them to run and play outside the pens too, I wanted to form relationships with them. They were my pets. Not just my dogs. That didn't work. The puppies ended up with names... not big fancy names, real names that I actually called them. It got too personal for me... I can't be that cold to my pets. I got out. I am staying out. I don't ever want to be responsible for another puppy being born for the rest of my life.

I have one pup left from an orphaned litter of 9 that I had to bottle feed from the time they were a week old. He will be neutered soon. I gave the rest away...papers and all. I have one spayed female German Shepherd that lives in the house with me... and that's all I want. If the day ever comes that we feel we need another dog, I will not buy one from a puppy mill, I will get one from a rescue, or one that I see somewhere that needs me. No need to make more puppies when there's already too many of them out there alone with no one to love them.

That puppy mill is still running full force. Last I knew, she had over 50 breeding dogs. Inspected and passed...whatever that means. Funny thing about those inspections, they schedule you have time to prepare for them. If they were spontanious, surprise inspections... I can't help but wonder how many big kennels (mills) would pass then.

I am not against all people who breed their dogs. I'm against puppy mills.. where dogs are all micro chipped so they can tell them apart by their numbers,... because they don't have names. AKC can't tell me that they don't know a person is a puppy mill. When they suddenly see 200 puppies a month registered to the same person... that should throw up a red flag.
and like I have always said... if you're not part of the SOLUTION.... you're part of the problem.

I don't liken it to livestock the way Oprah did... that would actually be an improvement to the way they are treated.
I did watch the show. I knew dogs at puppy mills were treated poorly but to actually see it was very difficult and heart wrenching. I had purchased a Pekingnese puppy from a pet store many years ago. I paid a fortune for the dog but that didn't even compare to her vet bills we endured early on. When I went back to the pet store they said they would buy her back. But I couldn't trust that they would do it humanely. She was such a sweet, endearing little dog and she atleast deserved peace and love for whatever time she had left. She soon passed away. I swore to myself I would NEVER buy from a pet store again.

But you know what is just as sad, is that it doesn't just happen with pet stores. After that day I went to buy a Golden Retriever from a breeder. The woman showed me the puppies. She showed me a female Golden and a male Golden, stating they were the parents. So I assumed I beat the system and that I got my new puppy from a reputable breeder. I brought the puppy home and once again I had a dog with health problems. I waited for her papers to come in the mail and when they did, guess where they came from... out WEST!!! I bought this puppy in Massachusetts. The female and male dogs she showed me were not even the parents. They just used them to make it look like they were home bred. AGAIN, I fell for a puppy mill dog. AGAIN, I had a dog with numerous health and social issues.

I hope the show opened up some eyes to the sad reality of what really happens to these beautiful, loving animals. Please make sure you research reputable breeders and get references. Know exactly who you are dealing with. This can happen all too easily to anyone and we need to find an end to this inhumane treatment of the animals we so dearly love.

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I missed the show but our new boxer puppy I got at a auction that goes on once a month. I could not stand the thought of these two really weird guys getting him so I bid a couple dollars on him and got him. He had worms bad and ear mites and one month later he is doing great and I do not regret giving him a home. I sure wish they would control this stuff at auctions and flea markets...I think this little guy was gonna end up as bait for some pit bull somewhere...JMO!
The following organizations and resources offer additional information on adopting animals and fighting back against puppy mills.

Main Line Animal Rescue

The Humane Society of the United States

Lange Foundation

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals


Adoption service associated with the Animal Planet television series, including links to shelters across North America.

Dogs in Danger

Pets 911

Features searchable lost and found dogs and information about neutering, adoption and training.

World Animal Net

Search for local shelters and adoptable pets.


Search for local shelters, rescues and adoptable pets.

Best Friends Animal Society

Largest no-kill animal sanctuary in the country
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I saw the show and made it a point to see it...I can never get over how heartless human beings can be.

I could not watch them euthanize the dogs at the Ft. Worth shelter, I just couldn`t stand it.

I am hoping and praying that it will help open some eyes and people will STOP buying those pet store puppies and seek out RESPONSIBLE breeders for purebreds or just visit the shelters.
It was very hard to watch...

I guess we were lucky. We found a chow chow breeder on the internet, went to visit and saw his whole set up. It was great! We bought our Bryson from him and he sent me pictures of him every 2 weeks by email so I could watch him grow til he was weaned and we could come get him...

He encourages people to come visit him, but if your not doing anything wrong then you want people to see...

I think many people get messed over with bad breeders, just another sad state our world is in nowadays... People will do ANYTHING for money!! Just so sad!

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