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Aug 31, 2004
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I have a question..when a foal is born with a light tail...when does it change....if it will change...I know bays are sometimes born with some white fluff...but does a white tail mean a spot somewhere under all that hair...or silver.....or just the fluff of youth...geesh..wish they all came with a little color coding tag attached, wouldn't that be nice..hee hee

"Congratulations..your foal is black" "Congratulations..your foal is a silver dapple"..silver bay, smokey black, etc etc
A white tail will stay white, as will the mane. If the horse is a minimal white tobiano or overo there may only be four socks (tobiano) or a large star or bald face (overo).

There are some babies that I wait until they are dry before calling their coat colors. Others, like our first buckskin last weekend are a no brainer.
I actually have a similar question. (hope you don't mind me tagging on here) My filly has a solid black mane and her tail is partly black but most of the hair has a silver grey cast to it. This is aside from the to be expected white at the sides. I have been calling her a bay but am wondering if there is another gene at work since her tail is such an odd colour.
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