Can someone help this blind teacher

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Jan 2, 2003
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I got this emaiil from one of Many lists I'm on. LOL

Can anyone help her with transport? Maybe several Forum members can get together and do a relay....just a thought

Ginny StP

I am going to cry!!!

The transport agency I hired just called to officially cancel on me. They are

not able to bring my mini colt out until the begining of AUGUST!! He was due


I need to find another transport agency to bring him out in the next week. If I

cannot I will not have the time to work with him properly and make sure that

all is safe for him in my backyard. I will have to board him and since I do not

drive I would never see him or be able to work with him I am so upset. I will

have to sell Rocket even before I get to see him personally!

I need to get Rocket from Dexter Missouri to Louisville, Ohio I am willing to

pay someone privately or use a anohter agency if they have a run going that

way. I have tried several and most cannot get to us until August. Being a

teahcer I am back at school the second week of August and will not feel safe

leaving Rocket out alone without seeing what kind of michief he is going to ge

into in the next four weeks!

If I was not blind and drove I would go get himself but obviously cannot.

Any ideas would be greatly appreacieted I feel my little horse slipping way!

Lorrie and Axil

[email protected]
Not quite sure where Louisville, OH is but I'm near I-75 and can help in any way.
Hi, thanks for the offer, but I think she got it taken care of.


We'll get you next time.

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