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Apr 16, 2007
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Bancroft, Ontario, Canada
I finally got my webcam set up. Sable is due late May/early June.

The cam does not stream like video but refreshes the pic automatically every few seconds. No need to reload. If you are surfing the net and want to keep an eye on Sable without a huge window, just use the pop up cam link and minimize the window when you are browsing.

The messageboard contains updates on Sable as well as some sort of fun things to do while we wait on our girl.

Our cam will be on only at night unless foaling is imminent.

Please keep in mind, we are on dial up, so if the cam stops refreshing or drops the connection, it is because we are on the phone or have been booted offline. We have set it up to reconnect immediately but this can take a few minutes. The white glare is a light overhead, and the green tint is night vision. Sometimes there will be interference as the cam is also wireless.

We hope you enjoy watching Sable with us!

Cam Link:

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