Buttercup update 7/25/04

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Dec 5, 2002
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Buttercup is still holding her own, trying to stay one step ahead of the complications that still seem to plague her. She developed a pneumonia this week and underwent extensive testing, including a tracheal wash procedure to nail down the type of bacteria that seem to be lingering in her system -- perhaps causing both her heart AND her lung difficulties. Now that she is more stable than she was a month ago, she can be given some stronger antibiotics while under the watchful eye of her veterinarian. We're hoping that these antibiotics will target the bacteria and once and for all rid her of them so she can start the process of more rapid recovery. She has definitely gained some weight and is VERY opinionated about her shots! For all 133 lbs of her, she is a strong-willed little mini

The most wonderful news we have to share about Buttercup is that Florida Miniature Horse Association recently met Buttercup and the membership voted to help sponsor her care with a very generous donation to CMHR. These funds will be specifically earmarked for Buttercup's ongoing needs.

Here is a photo of Buttercup taken on July 24th when she met some of her new benefactors from the Fla Miniature Horse Club.


If you belong to a local miniature horse club, perhaps you might approach your membership about making a donation to CMHR, or sponsoring one of our special horses. Many of these clubs are non-profit and are seeking meaningful ways to spend their money. What better way than a donation to CMHR and its miniature horse rescue efforts !?!?!?!

Robin C

CMHR Director
What a wonderful group. Everyone looks sooo happy, especially Buttercup. She must think she died and went to heaven. It brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for being the angel behind this.

what a great picture!!!! and im so thankful for this group stepping up to help buttercup.
I am so worried about her sickness coming back, but how wonderful it is they are doing everything possible to get to the root of the problem. Thank God for so many caring people stepping up to help her.

A Big Thanks to all who are helping Buttercup! AND

A Big Thanks to the Florida Miniature Horse Club for helping Buttercup, too!!

Thank you,

I know I've said it before, but I'm going to say it again. . .

She is a VERY special little horse!

(it is hard to describe the feeling, but you can see it in the eyes of all the people in the picture)
Thanks so much for the update, Robin. You can tell from the photo how many people care about this little mare. She does sound like a fighter and I think she's going to win these physical challenges that she is presented with. Again, really appreciate the updates!

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