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Aug 20, 2003
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This is the first CMHR Newsletter. We feel the public should be aware of some of the things that we are doing and have planned to do.

As of right now, CHMR has taken 15 horses into custody since January, 2008. That's right. Read it and weep. Fifteen miniature horses have been surrendered to us for one reason or another and we are right there willing and able to pool our resources so that no horse is turned away. They continue to come in every day. It's hard to keep up.

Some of these horses have hit on bad times. They may be products of a divorce, loss of job or income, or a relocation where a horse is not welcome or a horse that proved to much for a person to handle. Some of the horses have issues, such as founder or bad stifles which we do see a lot. Others just need a few groceries and some have no problems whatsoever and just need to be re-homed. About half of our horses are registered and whenever possible, we do hand over the papers to the new owners. This enables the horse to participate in showing and breed events. We do geld all stallions, bring all horses up to date on de-worming, dental, vaccinations, coggins tests, farrier work on our dime. And yes, we do have some proven show horses in our custody too. We also do not name drop. All surrenders are confidential. No matter what the problem is, our barn doors remain open. There is never any shame in calling for help.

Our foster homes are the HUB of CMHR. Within our foster care homes we have had scared horses gain confidence, wild horses become gentle and mannered, sick horses become well, foundered horses stablized, and the hungry get fed. Without the care of our foster homes, CMHR could no longer exsist. We need foster homes in every State and that is a goal for us in 2008.

We do need membership support to continue. We feel that by the looks of things 2008 is going to hit an all time high for us. We need to be prepared. If you can foster a horse or horses for us that's great. If you would like to adopt a horse from us that's great. All you need to do is go to our website and fill out the forms and turn them into us for reference check and approval. It's that easy.

All of our horses are not listed on our website until they are ready to be re-homed out of foster care. If you are looking for a certain horse, do contact us and we will glady put your name on our list of potential homes and we will help match you up to your new horse. The average price of our horses are $350.00. That is not set in stone and sometimes can be a bit higher or a bit lower depending on how much money we have had to put into him, so don't let the prices fool you because we can negotiate in certain areas. And yes, we do get miniature donkeys and mules from time to time as well as ponies.

This show season, if anyone's club would care to host a CMHR booth for us, please contact CMHR President, Ginny St. Pierre.

We also have on tap a "Spring Barn Cleaning Auction" being planned by Gini Acton. Gini is our treasurer and says we need money and lots of it! Gini would like you to let her know what you have that can be auctioned off and it does not have to be horse related. Gini will take it!

[email protected]

She will also accept donations at any time. There is a paypal account set up on our website.


Marty Garrison

CMHR Board of Directors

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