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Mar 13, 2005
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Ontario, Canada
Would love to hear from those of you who are breeding 28" & under. Foaling concerns especially. I'm aware of the possible complications but need to learn much more. I'm hesitant to breed my 27"-28" girls & don't know if I could even find the right tiny stallion or will want to take a chance with them? As long as the stallion is also tiny, has tiny background & throws tiny foals...maybe? Please give me more info - Good & Bad! Thanks.

Hi Sandy,

I would recommend talking to Tony at Little America and Charlotte at Reflections. They should both have experience with the little ones and foaling.

Good luck with your mini-mites!

Va Lynda Ann

We breed tiny mares. We have 2 mares that are 25 inches. Both mares foal

with no problems. I was with them on the first birth, just spit them out. Text book

all the way. This year with them and the second foaling. I was with the first one

text book delivery. He just slid out in no time.

The second mare was sneaking and I missed it. After being up for weeks with her. I laid down to catch a bit of sleep. Mind you the bag was there and now gone, Check on her at 3 ish and no foal, look at 4 nothing, look at 5 and here is the baby, all dry and nursing. Princess is in our avatar. Mom did have some after birth cramping. We did as we always do the banamine. But this did not help. So took them to the Vet. He gave her some diaprome (sp) and she was fine.

We did lose a 25 inch ivory champagne last year. But it was colic.. she colic that am and Vet out, was fine and then crashed. We lost her and the foal. She was a month from foaling. Our hearts were broken.

They are both bred to the same stallion, and he is 28 inches, and he is good stallion in producing small with them. So I think it would depend on the stallion. I love our girls. And on the genetic's it would depend on both genetic's.. don't forget the mares genetics to..

I depends entirely on the mares build- it really has nothing, or next to nothing , to do with her actual height The smallest I have ever bred is about 26"- US measurement, remember we measure to the top of the withers- and she lost her first foal to a 29" fairly well built stallion, but not what I would call "heavy" The foal was tiny and fine....but dead, none the less. This year she had a well made up foal by my 29" Silver Black (no Dapples
) stallion and she rolled it out- he is more on the leg and maybe slightly finer than Twit, but I do mean rolled it out- two heaves and "Hallo world!!" So- you need a small refined stallion and you need a fairly well built mare. I am still not happy breeding this size- there is little to be gained as the foals are rarely that much smaller than normal sized mares. I would rather breed my larger mares and get foals that mature around an inch larger, at most! The other thing is that size has a nasty habit of skipping a generation, so even if you do get a small foal there is no safeguard it will throw small, which, if it is a tiny mare, is a problem.

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