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Sep 16, 2004
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I have a mini horse colt and a small standard jenny. She will foal in May, the people I got her from want me to try to breed the colt to her "whenever" . I keep reading that this is harder than to breed jack to Mare.. why?

Linda in E. Texas
Stallions are pickier than Jacks. We have been trying for 3 years. I have only one stallion that will even think abour breeding our jenny and then I have to tease him first with a mare and have the Jenny tied up and ready. A Jack Donkey will usually breed any mare or Jenny. We don't know yet if our Jenny took this year.
It is also harder to get a jenny pregnant by a stallion because of the difference in chromosomes. Meadowridge has a stallion that likes jennies and breeds them fine. She has a hinney that is now a 2 yr old (I think) and is expecting 2 more this year. Donkeys have a much different smell than horses. That might be a factor too.
I have jenny that I was hoping would give me a hinny, but none of my stallions will breed her. She has been with three different studs, and nothing.

I was doing some reading on this subject, and besides the fact that not many stallions will even attempt to breed a jenny, the other 'problem' is that the conception rate of stallion to jenny vs. jack to mare is very different. The article that I read stated that there was something like a 80-90% conception rate when a jack covered a mare, but that even when you could get the stallion to cover the jenny, you only had about a 10% chance that the egg would get fertilized. So, if you combine the fact that most stallions won't breed jennies with the fact that they have a low conception rate when you do, it explains why it is so difficult to get hinnies.
We have a couple Jennies that when they are older will run with the studs. But I doubt they will get bred. We have had other Jennies in with our stallions and they are not intrested in them.
Well, I guess I must just have a weird stallion...Frosty LOVES his jennys and settles them fast. We have never had a problem trying to get him to breed any jenny. We have stood him to a few "outside" jennys as well. I only wish he would throw some of his color on his foals, so far all his foals, with jennys have been a dark chocolate, or a dark bay, he is a dun/ frosted appy. When I use him with my mares he has all duns. Anyone know whay this would be??? Corinne

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