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Feb 17, 2004
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I don't mind that it goes off and wakes me when my girls are just laying flat out, sleeping. However, I then have to turn off the pager, as it won't stop beeping... I can hit the button, but then it will start again. So I turn it off and end up falling back asleep... so then of course it isn't on anymore until I wake yet again and turn it back on... and it never fails, the other mare will lay flat out to sleep! LOL

So, is there some way to stop it for beeping without turning it off? I bought it used, so no instructions. Please tell me there's something I can do!

Never mind I was thinking equipage sorry
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I have the breeder alert system also, and I believe the direction say to hold the button down for 10 seconds to reset it.
Ok, I tried holding the button for ten (yes, I counted SLOWLY) seconds after it went off, but that didnt' work. Then I tried hitting the button then pushing it again for ten seconds. That still didn't work. I even tried hitting the button ten times lol! But nothing worked.

What am I doing wrong?

My problem is, I work graveyard, 7 on/7 off. My 7 on starts tonight. I have a cam on marestare but it doesn't cover one of the minis very well. I keep going back and forth one which of these two overdue maidens will go first. Casi made changes first, a week or two before Cocoa, but then kinda stopped. Cocoa suddenly got more of a bag (not full on either girls, but being maidens...) and her butt muscles seem mushier. Casi's tail though has less resistance. While I"m at work I can keep an eye on one of them fully, and can see the other at times, depending on where she is in the stall.

Hubby will be home, and if they go into labor I can leave work and be home in 20 mins.

So I plan to put the Breeder Alert on the mare I can't see all the time (which right now is Cocoa, unless I switch them?) for hubby to monitor... but I hate to cut into his sleep! He is fine with waking up for false alarms, but I know if he has to turn off the pager, he'll also fall asleep, so could miss her laying flat. What I've been doing this past week, is I set my alarm for every hour and a half or so and check on them. Then I turn back on the pager if I had turned it off prior and fell asleep.

So if anyone has any ideas.... and which mare to have on the more camera friendly stall...

(Casi: has had changes (belly, udder, ect) for a couple weeks, less tail resistence, was due a week before Cocoa; or Cocoa: last week suddenly got changes, bigger udder came within day and a half, mushier in muscles around tail, but more tail resistance... oh yeah, and been acting less friendly the past few days to both Casi and I)

I have to hold mine down for at least 15 seconds. Sometimes longer.
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Ok, I'll try that then. Thanks, I appreciate the help!

The pager is going to go off for a minute(?) I think before you can reset it. Once it has gone that long, push and hold the button down and it should reset.
Yes, I have to hold mine down for quite a while too before it resets....

Don't feel bad Jessi, I had mine for years before I learned it would reset.. I was turning it off and staying up until the mare got up!! :DOH!
Thanks guys! I held it down for 20 seconds and that worked. I ended up not needing to put the Breeder Alerts on last night, I moved the camera a little instead, I was able to keep an eye on both girls while I worked all night
But it's now bedtime and I will be using them, so it's GREAT to know I can reset it if needed (though they don't generally lay flat during the day... you never know!)

LOL, dont be surprized Jess- I had a 7:30 a.m. foal this year, and have had a couple of previous daytime surprizes too!!
Oh, nothing would surprise me... they like to keep us on our toes, you know ;)


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