Break Away Mini Halters where can u buy?

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Mar 23, 2004
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Chicora, PA
Long Story short a friend of mine has to board her mini as the current place is not working out. The new place has a rule that horses must have halters on 24/7 and she was wondering where she could a break away halter. It is the best solution we can come up with. I know the issues about leaving halters on but she has no choice and we were just wondering where they can be purchased.
I would rather use a halter that I have "doctored " myself and KNOW is safe. To do this all you have to do is cut 3/4 of the stitches on the strap that holds the head buckle. That way as soon as there is any sharp pressure the stitches will give way- easy to fix, too!!!
How about using a cheap single ply leather halter? Might even be able to make one out of some leather saddle strings and hardware. Just a thought.
Go to a used clothing or dollar store and find the cheapest made belt you can find... one that you feel sure would break EASY. Buckle the halter onto the belt buckle, then buckle the belt to the halter buckle. Cut the extra length off. You can then Doctor THIS piece like Rabbitsfizz suggested, and it won't ruin your whole halter, just buy a another new (or used) cheap belt. You can buy pieces to buckle into regular halters like this, but its sooo much cheaper to do it this way.

they have halters for $12.95, they are have a leather crown with nylon/leather overlay. Very sharp.

Hope that helps, they also have replacement leather crown pieces too.

I am getting a couple for my minis.

If you are near any Amish or harness makers or even a shoe shop a nylon halter can be easily converted to a break away. cut the end of the crown piece and put a hole in that piece.take a small piece of very thin leather and make it about 2 inches long and 1 inch wide. make a hole in each end and fasten it to the halter with a chicago screw. this will break easily if the horse gets caught in something.My Amish friend makes extra pieces for me and charges very little.Be certain if you buy a ready made halter that the leather is thin&will snap if the horse gets caught on anything.
Dazzler --

If I remember right, the breakaway halters I've gotten from Mini Express, both the kind with the strap and the kind with the fuse, seemed like they would actually break for a mini. Some of the other breakaway halters I have owned seemed way too tough for a mini to actually break as the strap was the same thickness as the ones for my riding horses.

AND then there are the plain nylon ones I bought from Jeffers Equine. They are pretty and I bought a dozen purple ones and I swear, if they are not breakaway, then I don't know what is. They're so flimsy!!! I've bought from Jeffers for a decade and this is the first time I had an issue with the quality of an item from them...

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