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Oct 6, 2003
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For all of you going to either of the National shows, be sure to look me up! I'll be in the Ozark Mountains Tack booth on the following dates, signing copies of my new book, "Outstanding Miniature Horse Stallions, Past and Present." I'd love to meet all of you there!

At Tulsa, I'll be there Saturday Sept 10 and Saturday Sept 17, from 11 am to about 2 pm.

At Fort Worth, I'll be there Sunday Oct 2 and Friday Oct 7, also from 11 to 2.

Ozark Mountains and Star Lakes Tack will both have lots of copies of the book for sale, or you can order one directly from Small Horse Press at
Sadly (pout!), I myself won't be at the Nationals but my thoughts will be with "my" boys, Destiny & DunIT, who are going with Erica Killion! I pre-ordered your book the other day and am looking forward to reading it and looking at the pictures!

I also have already preordered, but if you are going to have them there then shouldn't my preorder already be sent out? I would love to have it autographed.
JILL!!!! I thought you were coming??? DANGITALL, I can just feel your disappointment.
My publisher at SmallHorse Press said that all the pre-orders were mailed out on either Thursday or Friday of last week. You should have your books soon!

You might also think about buying an extra copy and donating it to your local library system. It would be a great way to promote the Miniature Horse in your community, and most libraries will put your name/location in the front as donator. That way, anyone who reads the book will see your farm name and location and just might become a new customer.
I hope to have my book soon and I can't wait to see the part on Flash and all the beautiful stallions in there!

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