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Sep 14, 2003
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Went to get grain the other day and the lady I buy my grain from said she was talking to a dealer for Blue Seal and the dealer told her that they are coming out with a new grain formulated just for Miniature horses. She is going to be getting more information on it soon for me.

For those who feed Blue Seal Feeds, just wondering if anyone else has heard anything about it or have anymore information on it?

Thanks in advance!
I will be interested to hear what the formula is as we do use Blue Seal will have to ask our supplier.
I've used Blue Seal (mostly Demand) for years and years. I like their feed. But, haven't heard about the mini horse mix. Will watch for it tho
Might not switch but interested in what they think we need.
I will also be watching for information! We have used Blue Seal Vintage Senior with our minis for a little over a year. It is a complete feed that looks like dog food if you didn't know better. One thing I really like about it is that the texture makes it take longer for the minis to eat, so they cannot just bolt it down really fast.
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We have always used blue seal. Trotter, Strider, Pacer, Charger. We use Pacer right now.

I would be looking forward to information!
I use Blue Seal Hunter and Strider. The only other thing the lady said where I buy my grain is that with this new feed for Mini's that we will only need to feed a pound of it a day to maintain weight so Miniatures don't get over weight. I will post more when I find out more, or if someone else finds out before I do, please post with the info. Thanks!
I believe she might be talking about Tripple Crown Lite. I use Blue Seal trotter now but am considering switching. I work at an equine vet clinic and have used the Tripple Crown Lite there.
I believe she is talking about Tripple crown Lite. I work in an equine vet clinic and we have used this. It is a new product.

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