Big Brown won the Kentucky Derby!

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What rules? If the shoe was illegal how did Big Brown get to wear them? If they are legal, than what rule is it that will change? I'm confused...

Glue on shoes have been around for some time now... usually they constrain the hoof even more with all the glue needed to keep them steady. But they do wonders for healing nail holes... Every technology has its place, the problem is when someone tries to fit one technology to all situations!
I don't think that shoe was illegal. It is against the rules in this country to run without shoes.

I think the Uk is ahead with this. And yeah each situation should be evaluated.

I personally don't like racing period. But I find this interesting.


I have been reading alot lately. It is a yucky rainy day today and my house is tidy. Sat here reading listening to the kids. Need to bake!
Rather than worry about whether they have shoes or not, I would spend more time worrying about WHY they are breaking yearlings for the track and running them as two year olds - so you have more break down on TV and put graphic photos all over the media. That was the most HORRIBLE thing I've seen in a while.... maybe PETA should have gotten involved in that end of it instead of trying to blame the jockey...

Grrrr, dont get me started!!
Earlier today, I was just looking at some pics of BIG BROWN's feet, complete w/ his glue-on shoes and 'repaired' hooves...I know nothing about what's legal in the racing world, but it sure looks like he doesn't have the best feet, and I have to wonder whether they will hold up, glue and filler or not....

Like HG, I am much more concerned about the practice of working horses that are TOO YOUNG....all of the headlines since Eight Belles' death scream about track surfaces, should fillies run against colts, are 'weak' bloodlines responsible, should the jock be allowed to whip the horse...but I've seen scarcely a WORD about the industry-wide practice of STARTING AND WORKING HORSES TOO HARD, TOO YOUNG! When a letter from PETA(who DID get involved here--I was frankly a bit surprised, because they seem to have given racing a 'pass' for so long) to the national Racing Board(or some such 'official' entity), suggesting that NO horse should be trained or run before they pass their third birthday(presumably, the 'real' one, not Jan.1), the response was that there was no research to support that idea...REALLY??? well, where is the research that DOES say it's fine to start and work them so young??? What a transparent piece of 'spin'.....Makes me sick.

I am a 'fan' of as natural a foot as a horse can have, BTW. I have been trimming my own minis for 24 years, and actually love that they can be and stay barefoot, or when necessary, I use Easy boots.

Glu shoes have been around for a long time. The problem is that the racing industry breeds for speed not for conformation. If you make a horse able to run but still has geneticaly poor feet you are doing the breed a disservice. You can't use glue on anything under 3 weeks of age or it will seriously impair the growth of the foot. Also extended use of glue shoes don't do the horse any favors and can cause problems. Yes the horse is a flight animal but like I said wild horses with poor feet are removed from the gene pool because if they can't run they get eaten. Horses feet do not crush rock, rock is much harder than hoof. Also I do know some horses that do race barefoot behind. Linda
but I've seen scarcely a WORD about the industry-wide practice of STARTING AND WORKING HORSES TOO HARD, TOO YOUNG!
Amen. I have to think it would do wonders to give them even another year.


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