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Apr 20, 2005
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Southwest Oklahoma
My sister makes jewelry and I asked her to make a brow band for me. We decided on sterling chain maille and lapis beads. Here is one version. I've never had an ornate browband before, so I am not sure it will work. We have a couple of ideas to attach it to the conchos, but if anyone has a good suggestion I'd love to hear it.


I wanted to use this shade of blue as I have a parade plume I will be using. And one of my horses has a bald face and blue eyes.

I don't have any ideas, but it's beautiful
Is the cable tiger tail?

Can you crimp it (with crimp beads) and attach it that way?

She is planning to put hooks on the ends and I will put split rings on the bridle concho for the hooks to fasten onto. If the hooks don't work, she will put lobster claws on the ends. We are thinking the weight of the stones will make hooks adequate, but it is experimental.

I think she uses Fireline. Is that the same as tiger tail?

Someone suggested a dangle at the edges--not the middle--so when we get it attached to the bridle we will see if dangles will work.

She doesn't live near me, so we are emailing our ideas back and forth. She had designed a beautiful chain maille piece in a sort of triangle using smaller beads, but it was a little too ornate for my taste.

I provided the stones, but she is using her sterling rings. I am thinking $75-100 to pay her for the piece. Does that sound fair? I know there are many hours of work in it.

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