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Jan 12, 2005
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I have a bad left hip. Was in a car accident about two years ago and already have arthritis in other parts of my body (osteo). Basically the hip bone rotates forward and ball slips a bit until I can chiropracter to re place.

Pain has been getting pretty bad lately and was wondering if anybody had suggestions for exercise(s) apart from swimming that I could try?

Docs won't do a replacement yet as I'm only 30.

Any help appreciated
Ask your doctor for exercises. When my hip was giving me problem I was given pages of exercises to help with hip pain. The doctor circled three of them and told me to do ONLY those three. Not being your doctors we would be doing you more harm then good to suggest which ones would be good for you.
Hey Shelley, talk to me about bad hips. Mine are even worse now and yes its the left one too... I had clicky hips as a baby and they think I may have done some major damage to my pelvis when riding. I asked my midwife the same thing last week and she said I could send you to the hospital physio but she'll only give you crutches or a wheelchair... Neither seemed too appealing, so I decided to hang in there.

Rest and heat seem to be the only thing that offer some relief. Maybe see a physio to see what they recomend. I used to go to the chrio alot but found it was only short term, great for relief but nothing ongoing.
have you seen an orthopedic surgeon? have you ever had x-rays done? i would definitely see an ortho doc and get another opinion.

i started having trouble with osteoarthritis in my hips 8 years ago when i was 49 years old. i tried everything to lessen the pain but after 7 months of going from one doctor to another, i called my ortho doc. one x-ray confirmed his suspicions, i had no cartiledge (sp?) left in either hip, it was bone rubbing on bone and the pain was indescribable.

lucky for me, my doctor isn't one of those who prefers to wait until you are 80 to replace bad joints! i had my first total hip replacement in june 2000, my second one 5 months later. the pain from the surgeries was a walk in the park compared to what i had been going through. many orthopedic doctors are moving toward the idea that even young people can and should have joint replacement. it's a matter of quality of life. until i had mine done, i had NONE!

airport security sucks big time now but other than parachute jumping (which i never wanted to do anyway), my activity list is unrestricted. i can do whatever i want, i don't even think about having "spare parts".
Soft frequent short walks. I have one of those hips and was also told I would need a hip replacement by 50. I am going to be 53 and still have my hip and very little pain. A combination of the walks, horses (great therapy), finding the Reiki and stones have also made huge strides in feeling better. I would put a malachite or amethyst in that hip pocket to help also.
Haven't had the x-rays as yet. There is still an arguement going on between parties as to who's fault it was that I was supplied with a dangerous car. Ergo-who pays. Politics while I'm still in pain- typical! And with work slow, no way I can afford to get all the tests done myself.

Pyshio actually made it worse. Have been using the heat treatment so nice to know I'm on the right track there.

I wil def try the stones, have a nice piece of amathyst there.


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