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Sep 26, 2003
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We just got back from our vaction to Disneyland only to find out when I got home that my show colt that is all signed up to show in Tulsa in a few weeks, has been injured and will not be able to show at all this year. So, our Nationals trip is now officially off and I am out several hundred dollars to boot. Ugh! I am so disappointed!! I had everythign planned and all reservations made and everything. Now I have to cancel it all.

You guys have fun without me. I will be rooting you all on!!
Oh no!!! I can relate to your immense disappointment! Been there, done that, and it's not a good feeling. I'm so sorry you'll be missing Nationals, but I sure hope your colt will make a quick and complete recovery.
Sorry to hear that--that must be very disappointing. Don't forget that you can probably get your entry fees back as long as you send in a vet certificate saying your horse is injured and unable to show.
How did he injure himself & how bad is it?
I sure hope he'll be OK!
Hey, Stacey... what happened? I know how excited you were to be taking him, he is SUCH a nice colt....

Yes, you should be able to get your money back with a vet certificate....

Suzy Hooper

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Fresno, CA
wow iam so sorry and sure hope he will be fine
According to the premium after August 3rd you cannot get any money back no matter what. Even with a vet cert. so, I am out a lot of money.

I was going ot take him to a friends house to have her work him while I was gone on vacation and when he went to load on the trailer he ran into the bumper. He caused himself a hemotoma and it was rather large, right on the side of his neck. Vet says he cannot be worked while it heals. And, today it opened up and is really nasty, so he could not be worked at all and it does not look like it will heal up enough before the show anyway.

I am sure he will be ok but it will be a while. Thank you all!
minimama said:
According to the premium after August 3rd you cannot get any money back no matter what.  Even with a vet cert.  so, I am out a lot of money.
That is quite strange - I have never heard of a horse show won't refund entry fees if your horse is injured. Sorry to hear that...
You might try getting a note from the Vet and sending it to the show office with a note. Maybe they will have a good heart and refund at least some of the money.

Wishing your boy a spendy recovery.

[SIZE=14pt]They may not refund your stall fee but the class entries Im sure LEonard would return. Send the letter directly to Leonard Davenport. He is a very reasonable man.[/SIZE]

Hey Stacey, we can all stay home and commiserate together. Michelle had Roger come down with West Nile and Maria have to have her eye taken out. She's staying home.

I came home from the show this weekend to a very bad eye injury in one of my horses which will need extensive treatment and expense and hopefully won't need to have the eye removed. Looks like I'm staying home too.

Now you are out with your very nice guy. Let's all get together and have a pity party.
Oh Kathi, WOW< must be us west coasters that are not supposed to go this year huh?

Poor Michelle, I hadn't heard that yet. Gosh, that is not the best news.

Yes, I think a pity party bar-b-que is in order!!
Hi Stacy,

So sorry to hear about Zephyr, but good to read he'll be okay. It seems to be a West Coast thing - I've been hammered this year by vet bills, and finally gave up!!!

Roger is fine, we had our alternative practice vet see him after he came home from Loomis Basin. He has him on a bunch of immune support vitamins, etc., and he's running around like he's never been ill! He actually was only really sick about two days - were he lost his back legs - he looked drunk on his hind end. He never had a fever, never went off his feed, trotted around (on the front end), screamed at mares, peed, pooped, and dropped his equipement regularly too.

We were suppose to take him to Central Point this week for his final qualifying show, but I'm not going to stress him - it's not worth it to me - so we're skipping the Nationals too! I figured the entry fees were the cheapest part of the whole trip!Besides I still have to pay off his ICU stay and Maria's eye removal - the second this year. So, I'm ready to be done with showing!
Stacey --

I am so sorry!!!!!!!!

I think I can imagine how you are feeling. Last year, right about this time, I found out that the three horses I was sending to the nationals (and all paid for, of course), were not going to go after all. I cried! Priscilla was to show them, but she injured her knee and was not able to drive them out there nor show them with as much pain as she was in (had knee replacement surgery early last fall).

So sorry

Well, you be back there next year.


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