Aww maaan! But mine are *all* chunky!

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Jun 8, 2005
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Seeing as I haven't posted pics in forever, I figure I'll do all my catching up in one post. We've been taking it easy here, but I have what I feel is pretty big news. Grandma got both knees replaced over the winter, and has actually been out enjoying the horses for the first time in years. Barn and pasture visits that were supposed to be for deciding prices turned into "She's so sweet! We have to keep this one." No breeding or showing this year, as I was trying to slowly adjust to the idea of a life without minis, but Grandma's been pouting about no babies or ribbons all summer.
So I am exposing a couple of the mares for June babies, when I will be home from school. I get teary-eyed just thinking about it; having no babies this year was almost worse, because I just spend that much more time out in the pasture with all of our homebred horses remembering when they were born and missing their sires and dams that have passed on. In addition to getting extra attention, they've all been getting extra treats of course. Instead of eating when I feel bad, I guess I feed my horses.
I don't know if I've ever been as excited about buying horses as I am right now about keeping the ones we have.
Anyway, on to the pics.

In light of recent events and posts to the forum, I would like to reassure everyone that my chubbies' diets have all been modified, and several are receiving moderate exercise to get them to a more ideal weight.

Rock Rivers Anticipation 29.5" Senior Mare aka: Tissy--first mini I trained entirely on my own and NOT FOR SALE (I could just cry! I am. lol)



Rock Rivers Rooster 29.5" Senior Stallion First horse we sent to Nationals/Worlds in 20 years of breeding. This is MY boy!!


Rock Rivers Chicquita Supreme 28" Senior Mare Fatty. That's all I have to say about that.


And that's not all folks....
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Rock Rivers Little Al 28.5" Senior Stallion Named after my late grandfather.


Dream Land Supreme Challenger 29.5" Senior Stallion Resident stinker.


Rock Rivers Supreme May Belle 31" Senior Mare Some day I'll get a good picture of her--now I've got time to work on it.


Rock Rivers Bandito 35" Soon-to-be gelding I'm sure I'm more excited about gelding him than he is.


Native Spirits Farms Blue Sapphire 33.75" Senior Mare aka: Sassy I can get within three feet of her without food now. Yay!


And that's it for now I swear! Thanks so much for putting up with my rambling and excessive pictures. I'm honestly just so thrilled right now. *sigh* Think I'll go out and give 'em some scratches.
Oh my...I think we should all get each other mini treadmills for christmas!!

Though...deep down, the fatties are so squishy and adorable!! And well...they hurt more when they step on you =)
Hey, Tiffany, so glad to see you back on here and 'back in business' so to speak!
Give Rooster a big hug for me!!!
Nice looking kids. Love the bay! They're just a bit fluffy, you should see mine!
Hey thanks guys! Between you and me, the bay's my favorite too.

Good to hear from you Becky--I think Rooster actually misses showing; he practically halters himself every morning.
Hey Tiff, welome back....Lily says HI!!!!

Ginny StP
I'm very glad you're keeping them!

Give Rooster a hug for me too! He is a real sweetie! I cleaned his stall at Central once last year. He was laying down and I had to clean around him LOL! He didn't care when I had to get a pile from under him. tee hee. I got to watch him get his award too!
What a pretty group!!! Guess I should say very handsome for the boys. Anyway all are beautiful.

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